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Car washing may seem a bit of a task to you, but it’s not if you know the proper way of doing it. There are a number of car washing services available in the market and you can choose anyone as per your convenience and budget. But if you are thinking of doing it on your own then here we have the dos and don’ts of it.

Car Washing Dos –

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● Park your car in a shady place, so that direct sunlight is avoided to prevent early drying of the detergents which will leave big spots on the surface of the car.

● Get all the materials required for cleaning ready. You will need – soap, car shampoo, water buckets, brushes (long as well as short sized), microfiber towels, spray nozzle, hoses, sponges, wax, polish, etc.

● Now fill the water in the bucket and add car soap/ shampoo to make a solution in a balanced quantity.

A Tip – Use 2 buckets, one for the soap water and other for the clean water.

● Keep the windows and doors closed and take the antenna out (if it is there on the roof).

● Don’t use strong pressure from your hose stream, as it will damage the paint shine and sometimes may create a scratch. Point the jet downwards so as to wash off the dirt from the underneath of the car.

A Caution – Aiming towards the glass might cause water to roll down into the interior, if rubber seals are loose. So, avoid doing it.

● Don’t use a brush for a car wash as it will leave scratches on the body. Soak the sponge in a soapy solution and start applying it on the car. Wash the car section wise with starting from the top and finally coming down to the lower areas.

● Once you are done with section wise washing, rinse the dirt off the sponge with plain water.

● After it, rinse the car section wise using a hose as you don’t want the soap to dry itself and leave stains on the surface.

● Keep in mind that as you proceed with washing, keep the car wet as this will prevent droplets from drying up and leave unwanted ugly looking stains.

● Scrub the lower part, wheels at the last as they are the dirtiest part of any vehicle. Use a long brush for cleaning the openings of the wheels.

● Now wash the lower half of the car using the spray nozzle.

● After the washing is completed, now dry the vehicle using fresh towels.

A Tip – Always go for microfiber towels, they might pinch your pockets a little but will keep your car’s shine intact in the longer run.

● Now once the car is dried you can go for a wax as well as polish. It is not mandatory after every wash, but doing it will add more protection to your car’s looks and shine.


Car Washing Don’ts –

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● Never use local or low-quality daily use cleaning agents like detergents, hand wash, soaps for cleaning the car as they may strip the car’s protective wax resulting in a less shiny surface.

● Don’t wash your car just after a drive or while parking in an open area facing direct sunlight. This is because as the heat speeds up the drying of the soap and water thus making the washing more difficult task and increasing the chances that spot formation.

● Never dry your car outside under the sun or in the wind. It is not recommended as doing this will leave spots on the car. The best way is to dry it with towels.

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