Bridgestone India Has The Highest Customer Satisfaction In 2019, Says JD Power Customer Satisfaction Study

Bridgestone India

Bridgestone India

Recently, JD Power’s 2019 India Original Equipment Tyre Customer Satisfaction Index (TCSI) study has been out and it has ranked Bridgestone India as highest in customer satisfaction with scores of 861 and 836 in the category of midsize car segment and utility vehicle segment respectively.

The study is in its 19th year and it measures the Original Tyre Owners satisfaction from the first to the third year of ownership that spans across four sectors namely — wear, ride, traction/handling and appearance. Other important key findings mentioned in the study are:

  • Increased usage leads to more problems: This study underlines that with an increase in vehicle running, customers complain that they experience more problems with the original tyres. There are 27% of customers who have driven their vehicles 30,000 kilometres or more and have reported experiencing at least one tyre problem as compared to 22% of customers who have driven their vehicles 15,000 kilometres or less.   
  • Tyre satisfaction decreases with use: Another finding of the study is that on a score scale of 1,000, the overall satisfaction level of the customers with Original Equipment (OE) tyres was 827. However, the satisfaction level of customers whose tyres travelled 15,000 kilometres or less was 835 as compared to the satisfaction level of customers whose tyres travelled 30,000 kilometres or more and were given a satisfaction score of 824.
  • Satisfaction drives advocacy and loyalty: The study also reveals that out of the vehicle owners who were highly satisfied with their original tyres and were given a score of 947 and above, 92% of them will definitely recommend their tyre brand and 86% will definitely repurchase the same tyre brand. However, among the customers who were less satisfied and were given a score of 740 and below, 21% will definitely recommend their brand and 20% will definitely repurchase.   

The said study also gives attention to factors such as driver’s habits, climatic conditions, tyre design and road conditions. All these factors have a strong influence on the life expectancy of tyres.

Within India, amid car lovers, it is a common practice to replace the OEM tyres with ones that provide more grip, stability as well as offers larger contact patch compared to the OEM tyres. Under these circumstances too, Bridgestone emerged as a trusted brand because of having a wide portfolio of tyres of various sizes. The world’s top tyre maker produces tyres that fit all sort of vehicles from small hatchbacks to premium sports cars.

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