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All-Season Tyre v/s All-Weather Tyre – What Makes Them Different? 

Choosing between an all-season tyre and an all-weather tyre can be tricky since both seem to be the same offerings. However, choosing between these two depends on the levels of extremity of a season when they are meant to be used.


Season and weather are words that may sound similar but have a lot of different significances. The same goes for tyres associated with them – all-season tyres and all-weather tyres. In the present era, the evolution of tyres has happened to such an extent that we now have different tyres for different purposes. And this is where the differentiation between all-season tyres and all-weather tyres comes into effect.

Most of us know only the basics about these tyres – every all-weather tyre is an all-season tyre, but it is not true vice-versa. Here, we will discuss the prime aspects of both types of tyres and the differences between them.


Deciding Factors Behind Defining A Tyre

The qualities and functionalities of a tyre depend on various factors such as resistance to tread wear, traction on varying surfaces, and resistance to temperatures and dissipation of heat from the tyres. In addition to these factors, the speed and load ratings of the tyre are also crucial in their performance at varying speeds and loads. The differentiating characteristics between an all-season tyre and an all-weather tyre depend on a mix of all these factors, and some more.


What Makes A Tyre – An All-Season Tyre?

If a tyre is designed to handle the driving conditions in all four seasons of a year, it is termed an all-season tyre. Such tyres can handle the adverse surface conditions of rain, heat and snow, provided they are mild and not too extreme. The equal prowess of this tyre in the mild situations in each season of the year makes it a jack of all trades.


What Traits Come Together For An All-Weather Tyre?

If an all-season tyre performs equally well in the mild conditions of all four seasons of a year. Then, an all-weather tyre pushes the envelope further by having complete prowess in one of the four seasons. Such a tyre is engineered to perform exceptionally well in extreme heat, heavy rain and severe cold conditions experiencing snowfall. 

The higher degree of resistance in an all-weather tyre is due to its comparatively more rugged construction and specialized tread patterns. These specialisations help them to achieve immense traction and heat dissipation levels even in extreme conditions.


Which Of The Two Tyres Is Suitable For Your Use?

It all depends on the extremity of the season where you live. If your vehicle usage mostly happens in areas of moderate driving and season conditions, relying on an all-season tyre is a wiser decision. An all-season tyre offers a more comfortable ride quality and produces lower road noises which are preferable if comfort is what you need.

If you live in a particular area that faces soaring heat, heavy rainfalls or snowfall conditions, going for an all-weather tyre is a safer bet. It helps in superior traction and better-stopping distances in such extreme conditions. 

At the same time, you should know that if your area of usage faces the highest degree of snowfall, even the all-weather tyres leave much to be desired. In such cases, using chains over tyres or winter-specific tyres becomes the most optimal solution.

All in all, the essence is simple. Both all-season and all-weather tyres are suitable to use throughout the year. It all depends on the level of the extremity of the season. For mild summer, winter, spring and fall conditions, an all-season tyre is more than sufficient for use. However, keeping in mind Indian conditions where we have a good mix of the season and climatic conditions, all-season tyres offer a safer choice compared to all-weather tyres.


Tyre Patterns Best Suited For Indian Conditions


  • Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season


Pirelli Scorpion verde all seasons

Available in 16-inch to 22-inch rim sizes

The highly acclaimed tyre from the Italian tyre giant brings together decades of expertise by infusing modern know-how, a unique mix of compounds and advanced tread patterns. Regarded as the green car and SUV tyre, it showcases excellent lateral stability and grip across all-season road conditions.

                                                   Buy Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Tyres


  • Bridgestone Dueler D693


Bridgestone Dueler D693

Available in 17-inch to 18-inch rim sizes

Although not boasted as the all-season tyre, the Dueler D693 has been enjoying a stupendous success rate in the country across all weather and all seasons. The practical crossover and SUV tyre ticks all the road and climatic conditions and fetches maximum consumer satisfaction.


  • Michelin Energy XM2 Plus


Michelin Energy XM2 Plus

Available in 12-inch to 16-inch rim sizes

The popular French tyre in the Indian sub-continent is made to provide well-balanced performance for all twelve months in India. The only premium all-season tyre pattern offered in sizes as small as 12 inches features a unique tread design together with exceptional stability and braking control at speeds.

                                                     Michelin Energy XM2 Plus


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is an all-season tyre?

Answer – An all-season tyre is suitable for use in mild seasonal conditions and is equally good for use in all four seasons of a year.

Q2. What is an all-weather tyre?

Answer – An all-weather tyre offers additional prowess over an all-season tyre when the degree of the season becomes more severe, such as snowfall, heavy rains and scorching heat.

Q3. Can I use an all-weather tyre in extreme snowfall conditions?

Answer – During extreme snowfall, gaining the required levels of traction even with an all-weather tyre can be tricky at times. To counter this, you should use snow chains over an all-weather tyre.

Q4. Which is more comfortable – an all-season tyre or an all-weather tyre?

Answer – An all-weather tyre offers more rugged construction, because of which it produces higher road noise. It is due to this reason that an all-season tyre offers a more comfortable ride quality.

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