8 Ways To Take Care Of Your Car During The Monsoons

Monsoon Car Care

Monsoon is considered to be the most romantic season of all. However, it is one of the most challenging seasons in terms of driving. No matter what, we still have to go to work. It may be raining heavily, but we still rush to reach workplaces on time for an early morning meeting. What if your car breaks down at such a situation? Cases of car breakdowns and minor accidents increase during the monsoon; given the road condition, waterlogging and heavy traffic jams. Hence, it’s a must to prepare your car for monsoon as you gear yourself up to welcome the season.  

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Listed below are some of the quick and most effective tips that can be of great help in taking care of your car during the monsoons.

Get the windscreen wipers tested 

Without windscreen wipers, it’s quite impossible to drive through heavy traffic and waterlogged roads. Since wipers are not much in use other than the monsoons, there might be some wear or tear. Hence, you need to make sure that you get them tested before monsoon starts. It shouldn’t happen that you’re struggling to drive through the traffic without a functional wiper.

Check tyre treads

There are higher chances of cars skidding or losing control during the monsoon due to wet roads. The only way to protect the misfortune to happen is by checking the tyres before the monsoon starts. A well-maintained tyre will protect your car from losing control on wet roads. It will keep the friction under control and provide the much-needed grip. The wear of the tyre is not felt in other seasons as much as it is felt during the monsoons. After all, losing control on a busy road is the last thing you should end up with.

Check the car paint 

When the car structure comes in contact with the rain and heat, it is going to rust. During monsoon, the chances of rusting are even higher. You might miss out on the details. Hence, it is essential that you take your car to the garage and get it thoroughly examined to identify any area where the paint has come out and there are chances of rust. Ignoring this would mean that you will end up ageing your car, way ahead of time.

Wiring and battery of the car 

As your car might remain stuck for a long time due to heavy traffic and water splashes might affect the wiring, it is extremely necessary to get the wiring tested before the monsoon. Further, the discharged battery can cause endless troubles while you’re trying to reach home amid heavy rains. So, get the battery checked in order to ensure that your car doesn’t stop in the middle of the traffic, worsening the traffic.

Front and backlights 

The front and backlights, and parking lights are your saviours during the stormy night. You would need them to let others know about your position. Cars whose lights are not functional increase the chances of accidents. Besides, the front fully functional front light will guide you through all the potholes and waterlogged roads when the heavy downpour will reduce the visibility.

Check the car for any unwanted opening 

During the monsoon, water can easily find its way inside the car. Make sure you’ve got your car tested for any unwanted opening through which water can enter the engine or interior of the car. If that happens, it may hamper the functioning and can stop the car without prior intimation.

Get the car brakes tested 

Though you would be driving within limits during monsoon due to various reasons, it is still important to ensure that your brakes function absolutely fine. What if you apply the brake and it didn’t function well you may end up in an accident. Brakes must be tested before the monsoon so that you can drive at peace.

Pre-monsoon service 

There are service stations who offer pre-monsoon service for all cars. Under the pre-monsoon services, they will check the wire, tyre, breaks, windscreen wipers, paints and all the necessary things that might create problems during monsoons. It is advised that you get it done from an authorised or reliable service centre for smooth upkeep of your car during the rainy season.

Now that you’re all set to hit the roads on a rainy day, maintain a moderate speed so as to never lose control of your car amidst heavy rainfalls.

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