8 Most Useful Tips To Increase Car Mileage – Mileage Booster Hacks!

increase car mileage - mileage booster

We have listed the 8 most important fuel saving tips. Learn these tips and increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

increase car mileage - mileage booster

Every passing day driving a car in India is turning out to be a costly affair courtesy soaring fuel prices. In the past few years, the fuel prices have hardly come down leading to more emphasis on the ‘kitna deti hai’ factor. Respecting consumer apprehensions the automobile companies are taking their heart out in coming up with cars that offer amazing fuel efficiency numbers. However, with the passing time and lopsided maintenance, the claimed mileage numbers are seen tumbling, which results in the increasing concern over the upholding of the fuel efficiency.
So to shoot your mileage worries, here we are listing 8 top tips that will definitely help you in extracting the maximum out of each drop of fuel. Given below every step taken into account will lead to a small improvement in efficiency figures and, if practised all together, it can increase your car’s fuel efficiency by a big 15-20 percent.


Tip 1 – Examine Tyre Pressure

tyre pressure check

Always check the air pressure in car tyres at periodic intervals. Have a quick look at them every week or 7-10 days. Tyres have the natural tendency to lose air at about 2 PSI every month. Adequate air in your car tyres ensures the longevity of tread life alongside also results in superior fuel economy due to less rolling resistance with the surface. On the other hand, if there is insufficient air in the tyres it will lead to more friction and you will eventually end up using more fuel to drag your car. To avoid this, check your vehicle’s manual of instructions or handbook for the recommended tyre pressure by the manufacturer.


Tip 2 – Avoid Excess Load

car overloading

The more power you apply and sweat, the more water your body will need. Same mathematics goes with the load and fuel. The heavier the car while moving, or the more power and force it will require pulling that load, the more fuel will be needed. And this will affect maximum in city conditions where there is stop-and-go traffic. Most of us Indians usually make our car a storage space and rack up many irrelevant things there. Get rid of all those. Remember, on an average, a 50 kilogram of extra weight in the car will lead to 1-2 percent more fuel consumption. Hence, make a habit of carrying only essential items as and when required.


Tip 3 – Keep Use of Air Conditioner (AC) In Check

Ac Gas Refill

It’s a proven fact that when your car air conditioner (AC) is running short of refrigerant, it will give out the warmer air inside the cabin. This forthrightly means that the air conditioning system is working hard to get you cold air but is not able to. And this ‘additional’ task eventually stresses your car’s engine to apply more effort, resulting in the weakening of fuel economy. Hence, it is suggested to refill your air conditioning system every two years. Moreover, if possible, shun excessive usage of your AC in a traffic jam as engines work harder in stop-n-go traffic conditions, which will end up in more fuel consumption.


Tip 4 – Wheel Alignment Check

wheel alignment service

Correct wheel alignment has got numerous advantages, one of the major being safety while the other is the longevity of the tyres that helps them wear out evenly. To seize both the benefits, it is always recommended to have an alignment check at least once a year. It is to be noted that proper alignment of wheels can add up to 10000-15000 kilometres to the tyre lifespan. Furthermore, tyre balancing guarantees that the tyre rotates evenly around the axle circumference and here even a minute weight imbalance can result in an uneven tyre wear. Also, as ascertained from Tip 1, the rolling resistance on the surface is lessened by even tyre wear resulting in better mileage. Therefore, make sure wheels are aligned on a regular basis alongside whenever a tyre is removed/replaced, wheel balancing is performed.


Tip 5 – Regular Service

regular car service

There is no better pill for vehicle/car upkeep than scheduled maintenance. This tried and tested remedy lets your car remain in the best of the condition. There are all chances of old spark plugs misfiring and at the same time, the engine oil also loses its effectiveness in lubricating the moving components of the motor engine. The replacement of spark plugs with new ones and getting regular oil and filter changes will lessen the load on your car’s engine, which will ultimately help you achieve increased kilometres per litre. Usually, the aforementioned activities are a part of full service of a vehicle which also comprises of many other essential checks.


Tip 6 – Driving Style

car driving tips

Well, you cannot blame your car for every drop of fuel that gets exhausted. However, here you yourself can also play a crucial role in deriving out better mileage figures from your own car. Do away with bad driving habits like over speeding and unnecessary acceleration at high revs, which definitely has an adverse effect on your fuel utilization. Here, cruise control feature (if there is one in your vehicle) comes handy, and helps you maintain a constant speed ensuring optimum fuel usage.

Another factor that deters your car’s fuel economy is sudden braking, especially during excessive accelerations. Likewise, keep an adequate distance from the vehicle in front in city traffic conditions. In this way, you will not be pushing the brake pedal frequently.


Tip 7 – Look for Fuel Efficient Tyres

fuel efficient tyres

Yes, that’s right. As we know rolling resistance is fundamentally the ‘energy consumed’ when the tyre is in motion. This loss of energy directly impacts upon the fuel consumption and ecosystem. And in this process tyres play an important role, which can affect your car’s mileage by a whopping 20 percent. The lesser is the rolling resistance, the less tyre energy is lost leading to slash in fuel consumption and carbon footprint in the environment. Hence always opt for a better quality tyre that extracts less energy from the engine to roll. With fuel prices touching greater heights every passing day the leading tyre manufacturers in India have developed tyre technologies that offer superior fuel economy. The tyre brands nowadays offer specific low-rolling resistance tyres or fuel efficient tyres in their portfolio. Go for it, and see your car’s mileage bar go up.


Tip 8: Fuel System Cleaning

fuel filling tips

To get back your lost mileage numbers you can also opt for some famous tank-treatment fuel additives available in the local market, which can be simply poured into the fuel tank. Over a period of time, there are all chances of deposits building up in the fuel tank which can lead to unnecessary engine surge, abrupt stalling and loss of power while driving. A fuel system cleaner ensures such ill aspects do not bother you. Fuel system cleaners come with high-quality detergents and additives that wipe out deposit build-up in the combustion chambers, intake manifolds and on valves paving way for smooth flow of fuel in fuel injectors. This results in a comprehensive cleaning of your car’s fuel system.

So these are some of the tips, if applied collectively, will save you a lot of bucks and hand you over with superior fuel efficiency figures.

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