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8 Essential Things To Keep In Your Car

Most Essential Items You Should Keep In Your Car

There are people who keep nothing in their car trunk and there are some who keep it fully occupied with all sort of things. Whether you like it or not, but there are times when you are caught off guard somewhere in the middle of your journey. To better deal with such situations, we have compiled a list of 8 essential things that you must carry in your car all the time.

1. Fully charged phone – This is one of the most important things which one needs to keep in the car nowadays. It can save you when stranded at an unknown place — be it in day or night. In case, if there is no network in that place, you can always dial the emergency number for help. Also, do not forget to keep a car charger in your vehicle.

2. Jumper cables – This can be your life-saving magic wand in the time of distress. Suppose you walk to your car and find out that you have left your car lights on for the whole day, leaving the batteries drained. Now all you need is use these cables and jump start your car. You can also help someone who needs to jump-start his car.

3. Flashlight – It is essential when you are stuck during night time somewhere and there is no light available. This can happen a lot in our part of the world, so better be prepared in advance. You can use it for various purposes such as inspecting an engine problem, finding something which you might have dropped inside the car or even while fitting a spare tyre when needed. Make sure to check the batteries of the light before you take it out with you.

4. Extra clothing – Many of us would disagree with this point. But the reality is keeping an extra pair of t-shirts and trousers can really be worth when driving during the winter and rainy seasons. This will make sure that you are not stuck for the all whole night somewhere in wilderness shivering. In addition to extra clothing, make it a habit to carry a pair of shoes or sleepers too with you all the time, so that you can use them in the case of an emergency.

5. First aid kit – This can save your life in case you are wounded during a journey. First aid kit can be used to disinfect the wound so as to minimize the reaction of microbes from further aggravating the problem. You can then move to the nearest hospital to get the proper treatment. You can also help someone by applying first aid in case of an accident or any mishap.

6. Water bottles – Imagine going out on a hot summer day and getting lost or stranded, you are parched and unable to find the drinking water. Or even if the water is available, it is unfit to drink. To avoid this miserable situation always carry ample water with you.

7. Life hammer – This can be used in the case of an emergency such as escaping from the sinking car. Use it to break the glass of your window to get out of it within time.

8. Portable air compressor – When the tyre of your car hasn’t been totally blown out and instead of fitting a new tyre, all you need is to use a portable air compressor to get back on the road again. The air compressor will help you to fill up enough gas so as to drive it to a nearby repair shop to get it fixed.

With this, we wish you happy summer vacations and hope the next time you pack your bags for a long drive, you will carry these 8 essential things in your car.

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