7 Tyre Maintenance Tips To Help You Save Money

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Purchasing tyres again and again is an expensive exercise. But one can save money on tyres by making sure that they run longer. And the best way to do it is by maintaining them. Taking an average, a tyre costs around INR 1,000 – 3,000 for a bike and INR 3,000 – 8,000 for a car, so making them last longer becomes important to avoid putting a dent on your pocket before time. There are many ways which one can adapt to keep his vehicle running without changing tyres quite often. So, let’s check out what should you do to increase your vehicle tyres’ life.

1. Avoid Potholes

Potholes damage tyres severely. But the main thing here is to properly maintain your vehicle tyres, regardless of road conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid riding or driving on potholes as much as you can.

2. Tyre Pressure

Checking tyre pressure is also another important aspect in long-running of tyres. Many drivers fail to recognize this aspect, especially in our part of the world. But when they do realise this fact, it’s already too late. If you ride a bike, you can check the recommended tyre pressure for your bike here, and if you drive a car, you can check your car’s recommended tyre pressure level here. You can also refer to your vehicle’s manual to know the recommended tyre pressure level.

3. Tyre Rotation

Rotating tyres is also a key factor that helps in the long-running of tyres. It ensures that each tyre of your vehicle is utilized optimally thereby extending the life of tyres. But if one does not do this then there are good chances that tyres can wear earlier. Not rotating tyres may also result in tyre cupping or chopping, thereby making the ride uncomfortable.

4. Wheel Alignment

Don’t wait unnecessarily long to get an alignment check. Wheel alignment needs to be done on a regular basis so as to make the ride much smoother and to slow down the tyre wearing. We often notice that people wait for alignment until and unless they feel that their vehicle pulling to one side or another. It is recommended to get wheel balancing and car alignment checked twice a year.

5. Prefer All-season Tyres

If you are out of budget to buy different sets of tyres for different weather conditions, it is advisable to go for an all-season tyre that can work in different conditions.

6. Avoid Low Profile Tyres

People often go for low profile tyres which are though sporty looking yet they fail to withstand the dangers caused by the damaged roads, especially in rural areas. The reason for this is the fact that low profile tyres have smaller sidewalls, because of which they fail to absorb the shocks from the roads and get damage sooner.

7. Driving Speed

All tyre manufacturers mark their products with speed level index. And, one must always run tyres within the specified maximum speed limit.


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