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What Will Happen When A Higher Size Tyre Is Fitted?

Higher Size Tyre

Wheel dimension is the main thing we need to consider and every vehicle manufacturer relegates the ideal wheel size for their model, which on the opposite side doesn’t really need to be the right number you need to follow.

Something to remember while upgrading is not to get far away from the standard total width of the tyre. This causes issues with the ride and handling, harming the suspension parts, and perhaps even the wheel curves. Additionally, the diameter should not be more than the wheel arches for security reasons, and to keep the tyre from touching the wheel arches while turning. 


Remember that a wider tyre will assist the dependability of the vehicle and increase the tyre grip. The ride quality will improve, yet on the other hand, it will decrease the vehicle’s maximum speed, promote eco-friendliness and increase the steering effort. Additionally, a bigger rim with a more modest sidewall will help in cornering because of less sidewall flex, however, this will affect ride quality.


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Basically, the bigger your tyre, the greater grip your vehicle has. As a tyre’s diameter expands, it covers more surface area. This increment in traction with the roads gives your vehicle more to clutch, expanding its handling and ability to manoeuvre. 


Does Tyre Size Matter?

Does Tyre Size Matter

All in all, does tyre size really matter? The short response is: Yes. Yet, does wheel estimate matter? It depends.

Wheels and tyres are not exchangeable words. Tyres are a piece of the wheel arrangement. For example, your vehicle has a set size of rims, however, you can purchase various sizes of tyres to fit those edges, as long as the centre of the tyres is the right size. That being said, a vehicle with greater rims can frequently fit bigger tyres than other vehicles.


Is Upgrading Tyres A Positive Or Negative Idea?

In practically all cases, it is prescribed that you adhere to the OE size for your vehicle tyres. This is on the grounds that a huge number of the vehicles were explicitly intended for that particular size of tyre. This, for the most part, has to do with the diameter of your tyres.

For instance, assuming you get a bigger tyre with a higher external diameter, your vehicle will travel farther before the tyre finishes a whole turn. Since your vehicle’s computer decides numerous things in light of tyre change, for example,

  • Speedometer
  • Odometer
  • Anti-lock Brake System 
  • Force
  • Grip Control
  • Gear Settings

An adjustment of tyre width implies that inaccurate data is going into your vehicle’s computer. Your vehicle’s computer depends on the right data from the tyres to react well in a crisis. For instance, huge tyres could cause your automated brake system to connect incorrectly. 


Why Should You Upsize Your Car Tyres?

Why Should You Upsize Your Car Tyres

Tyre Grip

Bigger tyres will produce more grasp. It is basically on the grounds that a bigger segment of the tyre is in touch with the landing surface. In this way, the vehicle will feel more planted out and about. On the off chance that you have a vehicle that makes a lot of power, it is vital that the power is moved onto the road surface effectively.


This one is an easy decision. Greater tyres will most presumably look better on most vehicles as the viewpoint proportion goes down, and that implies the distance of the rim from the landing surface decreases. So the vehicle looks sportier than earlier. Yet additionally, this doesn’t imply that you go full scale and purchase tyres wider than the wheel well and extend out of the wheel curve. This will look terrible without a doubt and furthermore, unfavourably affect the effectiveness.


Thanks to a bigger contact fix, the tyres grasp the landing area better and thus, decrease the braking distances by a fair edge. This implies better control of the vehicle while slowing down and furthermore, the opportunities to incidentally get into a pallet are decreased.


Obviously, the suspension becomes an integral factor the most when you are cornering a vehicle. In any case, in the event that your vehicle is installed with greater tyres, the flex on the sidewall is decreased and you subsequently can corner better. Also, additional traction is created through this.



Upsizing the tyre is clearly the best approach to upgrade your vehicle’s appeal and achieve a comfortable right. Nonetheless, you need to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages and upsize in a proper manner. Do your examination completely and track down a size that best suits your prerequisites. Try not to go by a tire size in light of the seller’s suggestion, as he could be simply attempting to clear stock. Done right, levelling your tyres can likewise work on the well-being of your vehicle and convey a charming drive.

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