Alert! Here’s How Old Tyres Can Prove To Be Hazardous For Your Vehicle

Tyre care

Tyre care - old tyres


Tyres are the most essential yet unsung part of the car. They play a decisive role when it comes to fuel efficiency, braking, comfort etc. in spite of that, they are ignored by 8 out of 10 vehicle owners. Being a single point of contact on the road surface they ask for better upkeep and care. Conversely, in India, the tyres are the most ignored aspect and people do not hesitate in relying on old tyres. Read on to know how hazardous old tyres can be, and why they need immediate replacement.

Tyre Bursts Are Frequent

An old tyre is more prone to bursting. Because as they get older they tend to lose the capability of holding the air inside, which simply means they will lose air pressure easily. And if you do not keep a track of it, it will deflate at regular intervals time and again, which may lead to a tyre burst if the car is driven at high speeds on the highways.
Moreover, you can easily avoid tyre bursts if you keep a check on tyre condition and ensure that the tyre retains enough tread along with a right amount of air pressure. Usually people think that tyre burst happens due to over filling of the air pressure in a tyre, but in reality tyres with lower pressure have more chances of bursts compared to the one with higher pressure.

It is a generic mindset of the people that there should be low tyre pressure in hot weather or summers, however, that is not the truth. Irrespective of the temperature outside you should always maintain optimum tyre pressure and importantly make sure that you fill the tyres when they are cool.


Prone To Punctures

Always remember that the tyre tread keeps on reducing as it gets older, and less thickness of the tread leads to the easy pricking of the nail in a tyre. Likewise, an old tyre, which is prone to lose more air has got more chances of getting punctured easily. Punctures can put you in sticky situations, especially when they happen at lonely places.

Grip Less

A tyre that possesses less tread offers lesser traction on the road surface. Yes, slick tyres do offer better grip, but not on dirt, dust and pothole-filled roads, but on race tracks where there are no undulations. Hence a tyre with least tread will not give your car the desired grip. So no need to turn into a race car driver when the tyre tread is less, on the contrary, it is the right time to swap them with brand new ones. Bald tyres lead to skidding of the vehicle making it out of control. Whilst, on the expressways, at high speeds, bald tyres heat up more rapidly resulting in a burst as they are not able to disperse heat just as quickly.

Reduced Braking

The only thing that grips on the road is the tyre tread. If that reduces it results in a poor grip. The reduced grip will not only be felt while cornering; however, you will experience the same even at the time of braking.


Chances Of Hydroplaning Increase

The zig-zag grooves and treads in a tyre are designed to scatter the water on the road. With lesser tread levels in your car tyre, you will not be able to displace the water from the road. Here, things become critical, as under the tyre, a layer of water is formed resulting in the car aquaplaning. Ensure that you have a new set of tyres in place prior to the start of the monsoon season.

Additionally, whenever you choose to buy a new set of tyres, ascertain that you pick and choose the best which will help you to derive better performance. Never opt for cheap or ambiguous tyres as they may not be the best always.


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Tiffany Locke
Tiffany Locke

Thanks for explaining how tyre treads reduce over time and if they’re less thick they can be punctured easier. Since this is the case, making sure you have new ones that are strong and have good treads would probably be important for safety and in order to prevent problems. Replacing them regularly and purchasing the right type of tyre for your vehicle would probably be the best way to ensure they’re safe to drive on and will be durable and prevent punctures and other problems.