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Top 10 Tips to Increase Resale Value Of A Car

This article explores the specific points on how to increase the resale value of your car and sell it without losing its actual resale worth.

Top 10 Tips to Increase Resale Value Of A Car

Whenever people buy new cars, most of them don’t pay heed to things like reselling. And that’s obvious, as these things rarely get into consideration, at least for a few years. Reselling a used car is more of a choice, rather than a necessity. However, with time, the choices and priorities change.

You may not know the dream car you own may not be likeable enough after a few years, or with rough usage, its condition may deteriorate early. And until this situation arises, the owner might end up selling the car at a low price. However, even if you haven’t taken good care of your car, the below tips can help you increase its resale value and sell them at the price it truly deserves.

Top 10 Tips to Increase Resale Value Of A Car

1. Repair The Dents

Most people buy a used car only if it is visually appealing from the outside. Even minor dents and scratches can impact the resale value of a vehicle, setting aside large deformations. However, if these small dents and deformation are dealt with correctly, it can increase the worth of your car. Considering you have minor scratches, they can be fixed using toothpaste, which sticks to abnormalities and gets you a smooth and shiny surface.

Further, waxing and polishing can help you restore the car’s shine and lustre. For ironing out big dents and scratches, you need to visit a repair shop which may be a little costly affair but will increase the value of your car.


2. Clean Or Replace Lights

Clear, clean and bright headlights will make your car grab more attention. Moreover, the illuminating potential of a vehicle is very crucial. So, make sure both headlights and the taillights are in perfect working condition. It is to be noted, that the illumination capability of headlights reduces over time, which requires fixing of lighting elements or complete replacement.


3. Tyre Replacement

Tyres are one of the most vital components of your vehicle but unfortunately, the most ignored ones. Old tyres in a shiny-looking car will not only degrade its overall value but also affect the performance of the vehicle. Dull-looking and deformed tyres can cast a poor impression during the test drive. Hence, you must keep an eye on your tyres in advance, and replace them every 30-40k kilometres. If the tyres are in good condition, make sure you clean them up using a regular cleaner or replace them with new ones if this seems reasonable.


4. Pay Attention To Interiors

Regardless of the car’s exterior looks, if it is poorly maintained from the inside, then it may be difficult to cast a favourable first impression. All things such as seat covers, dashboards, gear knobs, and floormats should be in top-notch condition to significantly boost the value of your car. You can also replace the mats, which are available at a reasonable price. You can use a vacuum cleaner or avail services of a professional.

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5. Replace Engine And Brake Fluid

If you want to sell your car at a good price, one of your main objectives should be to reduce the work of a new buyer as much as possible. Though you cannot repair or restore the engine to its original capability, you can spend some bucks on repairing and servicing the components under the hood.

The most important thing to consider is to replace the fluid of the engine, brakes and windshield. Take the help of a professional mechanic to fix any minor or major problem in the engine and supporting components to enhance the car’s performance.


6. Routine Maintenance

If you have decided to sell your car but want to keep it for some time, make sure you are taking proper care through regular maintenance. It will reduce the cost of additional repair and servicing when you will sell your used car after some time. Precaution is always better than cure. Proper maintenance of tyres, batteries, brakes, etc., will ensure the durability and performance of your car.


7. Add Some Accessories

Apart from the mechanical soundness, exterior shine and sound interiors, adding some additional accessories can further boost the aesthetics and enhance the overall value of the car. Some basic accessories that could make a difference, include door visors and protectors, front and rear bumper protectors, side rubbing protective strips, and window visors.

However, try not to go overboard to make your car look attractive, as it may not result in anything. Also, adding too many accessories can deviate some buyers.


8. Always Park Your Car Indoors

It might seem a little measure, but your car’s exterior or even interior can take a good beating if it is regularly parked under the sun, especially in summer. The metallic paint will slowly and steadily lose its shine and degrade the value of your car. So, park your car indoors, whenever possible, even if you have to walk a bit for the parking.   


9. Documentation

The real value of a vehicle is determined when the buyer asks for the original documents. It automatically increases the residual value, takes the buyer in confidence and helps you get more money for your car. Whether you sell the car online or offline, you must have the proper documents and servicing records as tangible proof that the vehicle is legal.

So, make sure you have original copies of the Registration Certificate (RC), car insurance policy, and Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate in a safe condition.


10. Take Good Photos Before Selling

The first impression can be the last. Today, most people sell their cars using online mediums. Hence, taking a bunch of good-quality photos of exteriors and interiors from different angles can help gain the trust of the buyer right from the beginning. Try to play to your vehicle’s advantage. If you see parts of the car that doesn’t look quite good, avoid them in the photos.

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