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Michelin City Extra – Scooter Tyre Review 

Michelin City Extra Tyre Review

Are you looking for high-performance tyres for your scooter? Look no further than the Michelin City Extra! Our latest tyre is designed to deliver exceptional grip on both wet and dry roads, providing you with a smooth and comfortable ride. Plus, the City Extra is built to last, so you can enjoy miles of worry-free riding. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose Michelin City Extra for your scooter.

In India, the popularity of scooters has hit an all-time high and so has scooter tyre demand. More people, these days prefer scooters over motorcycles for commuting due to their high practicality and versatility in urban conditions. Scooters have been associated with reliability and easy ownership experience, with people even expecting the same from scooter tyres. Michelin, being one of the pioneers in making tyres for all kinds of vehicles, has introduced a new generation of tyres – Michelin City Extra, to serve the same virtues. 

What Is A Must-Have In A Tyre For A Scooter? 

Scooters are those two-wheelers, which require the smallest tyre size – smaller than all the motorcycles currently available in India. The grip levels in the scooter tyres are generally perceived to be fewer than the motorcycle tyres due to their smaller size and contact patch. However, a good scooter tyre, besides ensuring good levels of grip for its size, also works efficiently around corners and wet surfaces and is reliable and durable, much like most of the scooters on sale in the country.


Is Michelin City Extra Durable Enough And Possess High Longevity? 

Scooters in India are considered to be reliable machines hassle-free long run. Complementing these virtues, the Michelin City Extra tyre for scooters comes with a tread pattern, which is optimally designed for varying Indian terrain conditions. In this tread pattern of Michelin City Extra, the number, shape, depth and distribution of sipes are designed to make the tyre adaptable for different tarmac conditions, thus making the tyre last long due to reduced wear rate.


How Does Michelin City Extra Perform On Wet Settings? 

Riding scooters can be tricky over wet terrains, however, the Michelin City Extra tyre for scooters tries to overcome this uncertainty with its excellent grip on wetter surfaces. The tyre features Water Sipe Technology for enhanced grip on wet roads, due to the patented sipes for additional water clearance capacity. The patented design for the sipes includes an increased number of full-depth sipes, which allows the tyre to go through the water surface in a surefooted manner.


How Does Michelin City Extra Get Around The Corners? 

While the scooters are not as effective and fast as motorcycles around corners, the Michelin City Extra helps in narrowing this gap with its excellent grip levels around corners. For additional robustness, the Michelin City Extra features a newly developed rubber compound and a stronger central rib, which help in making the tyre’s outer surface extra robust and grippy around corners.


Which Scooters Are Compatible With Michelin City Extra Tyre?

In India, the Michelin City Extra range of scooter tyres is available only in one tyre size – 90/90-12. Currently, only the TVS Jupiter is a scooter which comes with the tyre size for both its front and rear tyres. A few other scooters like Honda Activa 6G and Activa 125 and Suzuki’s Access 125, Burgman Street and Avenis are fitted with this tyre size only as their front fitment.

90/90-12 – TVS Jupiter, Honda Activa 6G, Honda Activa 125, Suzuki Access, Suzuki Burgman Street and Suzuki Avenis.

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