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How Tyres are Packed and Sent After Ordering from Tyremarket.com

Even though a majority of people have shifted to buying tyres online, many are still unaware of the complete process of what goes behind ordering tyres online. Don’t worry, we have you covered. 

When you order with Tyremarket.com, you are guaranteed the utmost care by top professionals in the industry for many years. The process includes checking, verifying, quality inspection, careful labelling and protective packaging.



Here we’ll explain the points in detail:


    • Order Confirmation: Once the order is confirmed, our shipping team sends the order details to the packing team.


    • Verification: Our experts then check all details which include the tyre pattern, tyre size and carefully select the right tyre for processing.


    • Quality Inspection: The tyres are then inspected for any defects and it is ensured that only the best quality tyres are sent to our customers.


    • LabellingEach tyre is then wrapped securely to make sure there is no possibility of damage in transit. An invoice sheet is included with the tyre for your records.


    • Ready For Shipping: Once the tyre is packed securely, it is sent to our “ready for pickup” area ensuring a smooth and seamless delivery.


  • Delivery: After the tyre is shipped, the customer receives a notification with the relevant tracking information and soon after the tyre is delivered.


    From the moment you place an order on Tyremarket.com to the final delivery, a meticulous process ensures your tyres are packed and sent with care. This comprehensive approach guarantees that your tyres arrive in excellent condition, ready to be fitted to your vehicle. Visit Tyremarket.com to get the right tyres at the right price for your vehicle, today!

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