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World Record!! Changed Four Tyres In Just 1.92 Seconds! How?

Blink and you miss it. Yes, and they literally mean it. The William’s Formula 1 team has changed a set of four tyres in mere 1.92 seconds, which is a record witnessed at the European Grand Prix on June 19. In an F1 racing, when it comes to driver’s momentum, the pit stops play a significant role as it’s just a matter of seconds that can either make or break the game for them. Earlier, in May, at Monaco Grand Prix, we have seen Daniel Ricciardo become a victim of pit stop bungle, where Red Bull team was not ready with the tyres for the racer in his second pit stop.

To perform an impeccable pit stop the crew members, loaded with latest technology, undergo a lot of training and then only are able to execute a flawless operation. As soon as the radio message ‘box…box…box’ goes to the driver, a ten member or more team gets ready for action with latest gears and rapid responses. And surprisingly, the team manages to change all four tyres in just 3 seconds.

This season Team Williams have bagged all the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Awards with times ranging from 2.10 to 2.43 seconds, with 1.92 seconds being the fastest for driver Filipe Massa’s car. This feat actually equals the record set by the by the Red Bull Racing team in the year 2013 at the United States Grand Prix with driver Mark Webber.

F1 Racing

Although, this has been acknowledged as the fastest tyre change in history, but the figures collected from William’s team states that the pit stop took meager 1.89 seconds, which is 0.03 seconds faster than what was recorded. And if this is recognized then we can’t expect a more extraordinary stuff from a team and in future it will be amazing to see who breaks this record.


Watch this epic moment below:

Ankit verma

Author: Ankit verma

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