Why Tyres Are Black In Colour?

Why tyres are black


Why the car tyres are always black in colour? Even navy blue is good, how about sea green or, even vibrant orange isn’t bad though? Is it a coincidence or is there any specific reason behind it? These questions rarely crop up in our philosophical minds but there are definite reasons behind it. Since the invention of automobiles, black colour has been the boring shade of the tyres. So let’s find out, what’s cooking since then, and what’s the daal me ‘kaala’ here.

First, let’s brush up your mind a bit. The natural colour of rubber is ’white’. Yeah, you have read it right, its milky white! But what makes it the opposite? There is nothing like rocket science here, it’s the ‘carbon black’ chemical that makes it so. The thing is added for not just cosmetic reasons, but a lot more than that. In tyre manufacturing process, the black colour is obtained by combining stabilising chemicals with tyre polymer during the production.

Longevity of Tyres

The chemical in rubber for tyres is added to protect them from damaging or wearing out early. The result is safer and longer life of your car/bike tyre. So let’s get slightly technical in this respect. The major factor responsible for tyre degrading is the ozone, a natural odourless gas which is part of the air around us we breathe. This ozone, when comes in contact with the Ultra Violet (UV) rays cause a deadly reaction and attacks the polymer of tyres. Without the stabilising chemicals like carbon black filler, the heat created from UV and ozone will damage the parts of the tyres quickly.

Safety of Tyres

Tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle driving as performance factors like acceleration and handling depends on them. The black tyre not only increases the durability but also largely affects the safety of your driving. The more long lasting tyres you have, the more you will have reliable driving.


When it comes to looks, black colour seems to be a boring shade, but it provides character to the car. Therefore, the practical aspect can be seen that black tyres look outstanding on high-end vehicles. Secondly, the black coloured tyres are easier to clean and might not look as dirty if they were in some other shade.

So, the make of tyres depends on this black factor. The plain black tyres might be dull to look at, but they are being manufactured for an important reason i.e. durability and road safety.

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