Most Recommended Tyres For Revolt RV400

In this article, we will look into the details of Revolt RV400 tyres, list out available tyre sizes, price list, tyre pressure, warranty, and other important attributes, and recommend the best tyres for Revolt RV400.


Revolt RV400 – India’s first AI-enabled electric street bike – has revolutionized the way of commuting with its intelligent features. Here, we will review the tyres of Revolt RV400 and explore the following attributes:

  • Available Tyre Sizes of Revolt RV400
  • The Recommended Tyre Pressure for Revolt RV400
  • The Available Tyre Brands for Revolt RV400 
  • Revolt RV400 Tyre Prices 
  • Revolt RV400 Tyre Warranty 
  • The Best Tyres for Revolt RV400

In the end, we will give you our verdict on all the variants of Revolt RV400 tyres that can help you choose the best out of the lot.


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Revolt RV400 Tyres

Revolt RV400 is mounted with alloy wheels, 240 mm disc brakes on the rear and the front. The required optimum pressure Revolt RV400 is 25 psi in the front, and 32 psi in the rear. Revolt RV400 has tubeless tyres of sizes 90/80 R17 in the front and 120/80 R17 in the rear.

The following table shows Revolt RV400 tyre size, the required tyre pressure, wheel type, and tyre type.

Loaded Unloaded Loaded Unloaded
Revolt RV400 90/80 R17 120/80 R17  Alloy Wheels 28 25 32 28


Available Tyre Brands For Revolt RV400

There are different tyre models available for Revolt RV400 from popular brands like MRF, CEAT, and more. The following table lists all the information on the tyre brands for Revolt RV400.

Revolt RV400 (Front) 90/80 R17  Ralco Blaster Magic Tubeless Cool Compound Technology 1,683 3 Years
Revolt RV400 (Rear) 120/80 R17 CEAT  ZOOM Tubeless Wider Ribs and High Land Area 2,210 6 Years
Ralco Speed Blaster Tubeless CCT-Based Tyre Compounding 1,999 3 Years
MRF  Zapper  Tubeless Unique Tread Compound 2,520 3 Years
Apollo ACTIGRIP R4 Tubeless Reinforced Carcass 1,990 2 Years
Metro RAMBO Tubeless Rounded Shoulder Profile 2,090  2 Years
Michelin Pilot Street 2 Tubeless Longitudinal Groove 2,582 5 Years
Birla FIREMAXX R51 Tubeless Robust Structure 2,633 2 Years
TVS Eurogrip Protorq Sport SR Tubeless Wider Contact Area 2,916 3 Years


Recommended Tyres For Revolt RV400

The above-mentioned tyres are optimum tyres for your Revolt RV 400. Below, we briefly list the finest tyres for Revolt RV 400 that could help you in choosing the best tyres for your Revolt RV 400.

Ralco Blaster Magic tyres are made of a CCT-based tyre compound that prevents tyres from overheating and delivers impactful performance without compromising safety factors. These tyres consist of nylon casing and are designed for both on and off-road applications. Ralco Blaster Magic tyres are a great choice to mount on the front tyre of your Revolt RV400.


tyres are high-performance tyres that provide excellent control and stability at high speeds. These tyres feature optimized grooves in the tread design for all-around steady ride control. The wider tread arc in these tyres provides confident leaning and cornering while riding. CEAT Zoom tyres exhibit fabulous cruising capabilities and deliver a valuable performance. All these factors make CEAT Zoom tyres the best tyres for Revolt RV400.


tyres have a new tread design with extended cross-over grooves to provide superior mileage, performance consistency, and improved wear regularity with better traction. These tyres have a new profile with a reinforced carcass featuring a higher contact patch area and increased stiffness for excellent handling and stability. Apollo ACTIGRIP R4 tyres exhibit efficient water dispersal and improved dry traction.



Revolt RV400 Overview

Revolt RV400 powered by 72V, 3.24kWh swappable lithium-ion batteries that deliver an ARAI-certified range of 156km. It has a 3kW motor that generates 170 Nm of torque. Revolt RV400 offers the highest ground clearance worth 220mm in the EV segment. You can charge the battery pack in 4 hours in two modes – either you can charge it directly from the provided socket that you can see on the bike, or you can even choose an option to remove that battery and charge it according to your convenience.

Bluetooth start/stop function, onboard diagnostics tool, faux exhaust noise (with multiple exhaust notes), a geo-fencing tool for anti-theft, and over-the-air ECU updates are some of the exciting features in Revolt RV400. 



The above-mentioned tyres serve as the best tyres for Revolt RV400 as they complement Revolt RV400 in every aspect. Check the best tyres for Revolt RV400 on and choose the best tyres by verifying the features against your needs.

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