Most recommended Tyres For Okinawa i-Praise

The article talks about the chic styling and premium features of the i-Praise electric scooter by Okinawa. Alongside, it also states the tyre sizes, warranty, price list, tyre pressure, and recommend the best tyres for Okinawa i-Praise.



The Okinawa i-Praise might be a relatively new name in the automotive scene of India. However, it has gradually made its presence felt with its economic motor and affordable pricing. Here you will learn about the following aspects of this modern electric scooter.

  • Tyre sizes of Okinawa i-Praise
  • Tyre types of Okinawa i-Praise
  • Recommended tyre pressure for Okinawa i-Praise
  • Tyre brands for Okinawa i-Praise
  • Tyre prices for Okinawa i-Praise
  • Tyre warranty information for Okinawa i-Praise


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Okinawa i-Praise Tyres

The Okinawa i-Praise electric scooter comes with the best tyre combinations in the segment of automatic electric scooters. The electric scooter rides on 12-inch wheels at both front and rear, with 90/90-12 tubeless tyres at both ends.

Model name Tyre size Rim size Wheel type Tyre type Required air pressure
Okinawa i-Praise 90/90-12 12-inch Alloy wheels Tubeless 24 PSI (front), 28 PSI (rear)


Available Tyre Brands For Okinawa i-Praise

The 90/90-12 spec tyre is made by a number of prominent tyre manufacturers, the list of which is given below, with the options they provide:

Tyre brand Tyre model Tyre type Price Warranty
CEAT Zoom D Tubeless Rs. 1,055 6 years
Michelin City Pro Ind Tubeless Rs. 1,399 5 years
MRF Zapper FG Tubeless Rs. 1,240 3 years
Apollo Actizip S2 Tubeless Rs. 1,250 2 years
TVS Eurogrip  Jumbo GT  Tubeless Rs. 1,199 3 years
JK  Blaze BA21 Tubeless Rs. 1,049 5 years


Recommended Tyres For Okinawa i-Praise



A scooter tyre with a modern tread design, Zoom D assures excellent control on city roads. Its zig-zag centre groove translates into superior rideability and precise cornering minus wobble-free rides under varied weather and surface conditions. Its centre to shoulder continuous grooves allows improved dry grip and excellent wet traction. The extended lateral grooves call for rapid water evacuation providing safe riding under wet setups. Moreover, the optimized compound of CEAT Zoom D backs high tyre life and uniform wear throughout life. 

Michelin City Pro


The City Pro Ind from the French tyre maker has been tested extensively under Indian conditions and checks all the right boxes. Its class-leading attributes & the high warranty period makes it worth considering for the Okinawa i-Praise. The stiffer design around the shoulder and strong sidewalls make the Michelin City Pro Ind a durable tyre. Owing to this, the tyre resists minimal damages and punctures with ease. The tread pattern uses optimum bridging technology, which provides it right stability on straight roads as well as curves. 

TVS Eurogrip Jumbo GT


The tyre features robust casing and rigid nylon and bias-ply construction to provide optimized traction on the on-roads and off-roads. Its unique computer-aided block tread pattern works in favour of a confident ride over wet and dry surfaces. The use of Deep Design Tread tech facilitates longer tyres and tread life. Furthermore, for even load distribution and wear regularity, the TVS Jumbo GT receives Optimized Tread Pattern Design Technology (OpT-PaD). Improved fuel efficiency is ascertained by the infusion of a special rubber compound that supports low rolling friction.


Okinawa i-Praise Overview

The modern iteration of the regular Praise scooter model, Okinawa i-Praise can be easily rated as one of the most premium electric scooters in the country. In addition to the contemporary styling, the e-scooter also offers segment-leading features and a powerful range. The i-Praise e-scooter is packed with a 2.5 kW electric motor and a 3.3 kWh electric battery. The hassle-free urban scooter offers a claimed range of 139 km on a full charge. 



All the aforementioned tyre patterns can be easily tagged as the best tyres for Okinawa i-Praise. You can choose any one of them as per budget. Further, you can also check the best tyres for i-Praise on and pick as per your preference and need.


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