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Advantages & Drawbacks Of Buying An Electric Two-Wheeler In India

With concerns about levels of air pollution and other glaring environmental change issues on the ascent, electric vehicles have turned into all the rage. From Tesla vehicles to electric bikes, these eco-accommodating options are step by step asserting their space on Indian streets. Furthermore, since non-renewable energy sources are diminishing step by step, electric vehicles are a supportable other option. E-scooters and e-bikes are incredible for voyaging brief distances and are financially savvy, yet they likewise represent specific difficulties. We address specialists and electric bike proprietors on the benefits and detriments of claiming an electric vehicle.


Electric vehicles (EVs) are of great importance. The requirement for using elective fuel for portability is higher than at any other time. EVs are one such choice as such vehicles produce zero pollution. Bikes are one of the famous methods of transport in India, and electric bikes are getting well known as the push for the utilization of EVs gets stronger. 


Assuming that you want to purchase an eco-friendly scooter/bike and search for an Electric Two-Wheeler Buying Guide, then, at that point, read on as this article will provide you with the various pros and cons of buying an electric two-wheeler in India.


Advantages of Buying An Electric Two Wheeler in India


Advantages of- buying And Electric Two Wheeler in India

The electric vehicles industry is gradually altering the auto industry with more productive and strong electric vehicles that are being delivered consistently. There are many benefits and drawbacks of electric bikes and bicycles, yet the benefits offset the negatives.


  • Environment – Friendly

Of the electric bicycle’s benefits and detriments, the greatest selling point for electric bikes is that they are harmless to the environment. They don’t consume petroleum products, nor do they produce smoke, controlling air pollution simultaneously. This, be that as it may, is under banter as the power expected for charging these bikes will be significantly delivered by consuming coal, which is the biggest wellspring of power in the country. Except if the government authority thinks of cleaner wellsprings of power, this may not be the best eco-friendly option. That being said, electric vehicles are essentially more harmless to the ecosystem when contrasted with fuel-powered vehicles.


  • Inexpensive Alternative To Fuel

In the event that you own a fuel-powered vehicle and you don’t have an elective decision to travel, then, at that point, nobody can feel the aggravation better than you. You need to follow through on the fuel costs which are the most noteworthy till now in India (over Rs. 100 for every litre). With regards to electric vehicles, it saves both your time and cash. As opposed to following through on costs for fuel, you can just charge the battery of your electric vehicle. The battery power goes on for a long time. You can charge your electric vehicles around the evening time while resting instead of worrying over fuel charges. Rather you can save the expensive fuel cost.


  • Running & Maintenance Cost

While electric scooters and bikes are a touch more costly to buy when contrasted with standard bikes, how much cash you will save on fuel in the long term settles on this as an incredibly efficient decision. With rising fuel expenses, an ever-increasing number of individuals are going to electric vehicles for lower running expenses. While taking a gander at electric bikes’ upsides and downsides, one fundamental benefit is that there are no complicated components. Accordingly, the maintenance cost of electric bicycles is a lot lower in contrast with customary vehicles.


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Drawbacks Of Buying An Electric Two Wheeler in India


Drawbacks of Buying And Electric Two Wheeler in India

Not all is hunky-dory with Electric vehicles. There are certain drawbacks to it as well.


  • Battery Life & Range

Electric batteries should be supplanted whenever they are damaged or when they never again give a decent range. Batteries normally keep going for a year and cost Rs.13,000-20,000, contingent upon the rating, brand, quality, and guarantees. The range of an electric bike is the distance that it will cover on a solitary charge. The normal scope of the top electric bike models in India is 100 km. Also, the range diminishes with the existence of the battery. It requires a decent 5 hours to re-power the battery, so it probably won’t be an extraordinary choice for significant distance travel.



  • Infrastructure & Power

In many developed nations where electric vehicles are standard, charging stations can be tracked down each couple of kilometres. Individuals can pause and charge their e-vehicles or e-bicycles at the charging stations. Be that as it may, India scarcely has any such foundation, so taking your electric vehicles for a long ride becomes close to incomprehensible. Whenever electric vehicles were first presented quite a while back, they had extremely low power and couldn’t be driven at high paces. At last, quicker e-scooters and e-bikes have been presented however they are still no counterpart to fuel-controlled bikes. A low driving rate is one of the significant drawbacks of an electric bike.




Now that you know about the benefits and negatives of buying an electric bike, you can settle on an educated choice. Also, assuming that you choose to feel free to bring back an economical bike, consider different options for the bike as well. 

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