TVS Jumbo-XT Scooter Tyre Review

TVS Tyre Overview

TVS Srichakra Limited better known as TVS Tyres is a well-known and trustworthy name in the two wheeler tyre segment in India. The leading motorcycle and scooter tyre maker has achieved immense growth in the tyre sector due to durability, quality and value for money aspect its tyres offer to the masses. Over the years, TVS has been delivering impressive sales and consumer satisfaction in the motorcycle tyre segment. And now, it is all set to conquer the highly potential scooter tyre segment in India with its latest offering – the TVS Jumbo-XT.

Although there are many scooter tyres in company’s scooter tyre portfolio, however TVS Jumbo-XT is technologically the most advanced and modern scooter tyre. Studded with fascinating features and practical characteristics, Jumbo-XT is one of the best sellers in the TVS Tyres scooter tyre range. The tyre offers superior durability and high wear resistance against its immediate rivals in its category. The new generation scooter tyre has been tested extensively to suit varied road and surface requirements. With rising demand for scooters tyres in rural, semi-urban and urban markets across the country, TVS has designed Jumbo-XT with exclusivity.

Tyre Compound

The Jumbo-XT, as the name suggests, is aimed at JUMBO tread life and JUMBO performance. As a result, it is developed using special rubber compound that ensures high tread life and can endure any kind of road surface be it dry or wet. The durable nature wear resistant compound also promotes better stability on city as well as rural grounds. The grippy compound aids in apt high speed braking under emergency situations.

Construction Type

For excellent wear uniformity and longer tread life, the Jumbo-XT tyre is endowed with bias belt construction. The interesting tread pattern upfront sees inspiring paw-design impressions on each block that flaunts its wild side and appealing visual aesthetics. The tyre integrated with cutting edge rubber technology, bold appearance and rugged block type tread design ensures excellent traction under diverse road and weather conditions. The rigid shoulder blocks ascertain better grip during corners, while the rounded profile offers superior control on and off the road. Stiff sidewalls and strong carcass structure together promote tread life for years. Likewise, the high rubber content at the tread too helps it attain long tread life.


The TVS scooter tyre, Jumbo-XT is intended to perform on all kinds of terrains and is equipped enough to tackle various road and rough surface challenges. The scooter tyre for urban as well as rural setups provides the rider with optimum stability and mileage thanks to the aligned groove channels at the tread. Moreover, its unique parallel grooves scatter water rapidly underneath the tyre to maintain a better grip in wet settings. In order to provide better traction while cornering, Jumbo-XT has a rounded shoulder pattern. Its rugged block type pattern is capable enough to sustain application on any type of road surfaces. The novel tread pattern allows effortless passing over mucky and rough roads maintaining a confident grip. Furthermore, its robust construction and durable nature warrant for longer tread life, while the low rolling resistance feature takes care of high fuel mileage.

TVS Jumbo-XT Scooter Tyre Size

The scooter tyre from TVS that can take on any terrain is made available in the single size variation of 90/100 – 10 53J. The best selling size in the scooter segment can be fitted at the front as well as at the rear for several automatic, geared and even electric scooter models in the country. Mentioned below are the rim sizes offered by TVS Tyres for Jumbo-XT tyre range:

90/100 – 10 53J Front & Rear Tubeless BUY HERE


TVS Jumbo-XT Scooter Tyre Price

A perfect mix of performance, ruggedness and style, the TVS Jumbo-XT scooter tyre is priced quite economically. The single tyre variant available in the form of 90/100 – 10 53J boasts a price tag of about Rs. 1150 per tyre. Given price is of approximate value.

Fuel Efficiency

The scooter tyre with hard-wearing compound and infusion of other technologies in the making of the tread promotes low rolling resistance. This aids in achieving greater fuel efficiency numbers. Overall, the TVS Jumbo-XT scooter tyre offers one of the best fuel mileage figures in its category.


A standard warranty for a period of 5 years is offered by TVS Tyres on its Jumbo-XT scooter tyre. As per the company, this warranty will be valid from the date of purchase.

Speed Rating

The Jumbo-XT from TVS Tyres is aimed at daily commute and long term reliability under city and rural limits, which leaves little scope for high speed riding. Hence, it has been provided with a humble ‘J’ speed rating, which denotes that the tyre is restricted to the highest speed of 100 km/h with a maximum recommended load.


The rim dimension on offer under the Jumbo-XT range is the size that is the most sold in the Indian tyre market. This size fits in most of the gearless and electric scooters hence competition is dense in this category.  The rival list of TVS Jumbo-XT scooter tyre includes the likes of CEAT Gripp, Michelin City PRO, MRF MoGrip Moto D, JK Challenger S63, Maxxis M6000, Apollo ActiGrip S3, and many more.

Vehicle Compatibility

As TVS Jumbo-XT scooter tyre falls in the mass segment category. As a result, it is an ideal fitment for the majority of the scooter in the country. Listed below are the scooter make and models that can be fitted with Jumbo-XT.

Bajaj Wave
Hero Maestro Edge
Hero Maestro
Hero Duet
Hero Pleasure
Honda Activa i
Honda Grazia
Honda Aviator
Honda Activa
Honda Activa 3G
Honda Activa 4G
Honda Dio
Honda Cliq
Honda Navi
Mahindra Rodeo RZ
Mahindra Duro
Mahindra Gusto
Piaggio Vespa
Piaggio Vespa LX 125
Piaggio Vespa VX Elegante
Suzuki Let’s
Suzuki Access 125
Suzuki Swish
TVS Scooty Streak
TVS Zest
Yamaha  Ray
Yamaha Fascino
Yamaha Alpha



With all the ideal characteristics of a dependable scooter tyre, Jumbo-XT turns out to be a sensible choice for people looking to swap their old tyres with new ones. The tyre without any hesitation offers excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions. The tyre corners well under city traffic and narrow streets. Also on dry gravel and dirt ridden rough surfaces, the tyre provides sufficient stability. Moreover, owing to its block pattern and deep grooves, the muddy and slushy areas are surpassed with confidence maintaining adequate grip and balance.  The tubeless tyre, firm sidewalls and puncture-resistant nature of TVS Jumbo-XT scooter tyre further enhances safety and encourages prolonged life. Due to the reliability, longevity and other features, the tyre has been one of the best sellers in rural, semi-urban and urban markets in the TVS scooter tyre portfolio. Lastly, the pocket-friendly price of the Jumbo-XT makes it a more lucrative choice to those you desire quality and peace of mind for long.

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