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MRF Masseter: Why It Is One Of The Best Bike Tyres Launched In India?

MRF Masseter Tyres

 MRF Masseter Tyre Overview


The last 3-4 years in the Indian bike segment saw a rapid advancement. The prime reason for this heartening evolution was the foray of the likes of pulsars and apaches in the two wheeler market, which made the ‘monotonous mileage conscious 100cc masses’ to think ’performance’, besides taking the youngsters by storm. However, when it came to the availability of performance oriented tyres for the 150cc and above machines there was not much precise available to look for. Nevertheless, some recent years have witnessed hi-tech use of the technology in tyres too, and when it comes to technical advancement in tyres the first name can be none other than MRF Tyres. India’s largest tyre manufacturer has been continuously unleashing new technologies in the bike tyre segment. And here, the latest and the most promising addition till date is ‘MRF Masseter’ tyres.



The Indian multinational tyre brand invested 8 years of extensive research on its latest Masseter tyres. Taking inspirations from the L.A.P.S. (Lean Angle Performance System), which is the core idea at the back of any performance tyre, it has one of the most modern and cutting-edge innovation in developing tyres for performance bikes. Made specifically for the 150cc and above motorcycles, MRF Masseter is a tyre that is ‘Made in India for India’ alongside is also priced economically to suit even the daily commuter.

Potentially targeted towards passionate riders who like to go out for long rides, the Masseter tyres are particularly crafted to encourage more cornering abilities. The innovative bike tyres infuses soft compound rubber, more rounded corners, and contoured grooves for better water seepage, ultra traction levels and effortless navigating at curves due to large tread area. The Chennai-based tyre manufacturer had unveiled the tyres at Kari Motor Speedway in Coimbatore in the presence of seasoned bike riders. Here, on the race track, the riders tested and experienced the new set of tyres.


MRF Masseter Tyre Features

Besides its attractive looks and out of the box engraved design, MRF Masseter has got many other features that will definitely allow more comfort and confidence while cornering, especially at high speeds. Here are the four core characteristics of the MRF Masseter tyre.

Special Soft Compound:

With this Masseter provides fantastic grip over the road surface alongside, it also helps in imparting better braking performance, thanks to the soft rubber compound.

Rounded Profile:

This is the utmost futuristic approach as it presents the biker with a maximum lean angle. Moreover, with rounded profile it ensures large surface grip eventually minimising the risk of getting out of control at speeds.

Advanced Lean Angles:

In order to guarantee better grip levels on the road, during sharp turns, superior traction is a must. And Masseter checks-in to makes it happen with its highly developed lean angles.

Contoured Grooves Tread:

Superior traction in wet conditions has always been a concern with bike tyres. Here with its one of a kind curvy-ly designed tyres it first provides better water channelling and ultimately enhanced wet grip


MRF Masseter Tyre Benefits


  • Made up of special soft rubber compound the MRF Masseter gives superior grip and improved braking performance.
  • Its unconventional lean positions help in better traction levels, which further aids in better cornering with confidence.
  • With soft compound, the contact patch of the tyres is wider leading to enhanced braking eventually reducing the chances of skidding.
  • MRF Masseter’s resourceful and practical design provides optimum balance to the rider on both the sides of the tyre while switching body postures at sharp turns.


MRF Masseter Tyre Price

To suit every pocket, be it a commuter or bike enthusiast, and keeping in check price conscious minds, the Masseter tyres are priced reasonably. Starting at INR 3,500, it ranges up to INR 5,000 for a set of tyres. The price varies depending upon the bike model and make.



Competition: MRF Masseter vs. Other Tyres

With MRF Masseter not being just another bike tyre for the 150cc and above segment, there is not much of say ‘competition’ with other tyre brands. Here, at this point, there is no such tyre that carries this brilliant cutting edge technology together with a very modern design based on an all-inclusive research. But still, to some extent, the competition can be invited from Michelin Pilot, Ceat Secura and sibling MRF Zapper.


Bikes Suitable

The MRF Masseter tyres are offered for the following bikes in different segments:

CompanyModel Front Rear
Kawasaki Ninja 300 140/70 – 17 MSX (R)
Z250 140/70 – 17 MSX (R)
Yamaha YZF R3 140/70 – 17 MSX (R)
YZF R15 V2.0 140/70 – 17 MSX (R)
YZF R15 S 140/70 – 17 MSX (R)
YZF R15V1.0 80/90 – 17 M SX (F)
YZF R15V2.0 80/90 – 17 M SX (F)
YZF R15 S 80/90 – 17 M SX (F)
Honda CBR 250R 140/70 – 17 MSX (R)
CB Hornet 140/70 – 17 MSX (R)
CBR 150 140/70 – 17 MSX (R)
Hero Hunk 100/90 – 18 MSK (R)
X-Treme 100/90 – 18 MSK (R)
Hunk 80/90 – 18 M FX (F)
X-Treme 80/90 – 18 M FX (F)
TVS RTR 200 140/70 – 17 MSX (R)
Apache 160, 120/80 – 17 MSX (R)
Apache 180, 120/80 – 17 MSX (R)
Apache 160, 80/90 – 17 M FX (F)
Apache 180, 80/90 – 17 M FX (F)
Bajaj RS 200 140/70 – 17 MSX (R)
AS 200 140/70 – 17 MSX (R)
NS 200 140/70 – 17 MSX (R)
Pulsar 180 120/80 – 17 MSX (R)
Pulsar 200 120/80 – 17 MSX (R)
Pulsar 220 Fi 120/80 – 17 MSX (R)
Pulsar 150 100/90 – 17 MSK (R)
Discover 150 100/90 – 17 MSK (R)
Pulsar 150/150 AS 80/90 – 17 M SX (F)
Pulsar 180/200 80/90 – 17 M SX (F)
Pulsar 220 Fi 80/90 – 17 M SX (F)

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Image & Video Courtesy: MRF Tyres

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