Most Recommended Tyres For Ampere Magnus Pro

In this article, you will find information about the Best Tyres for Ampere Magnus Pro along with its tyre pressure, warranty information, tyre prices and more.


The all-new Magnus Pro is Ampere’s latest addition to the electric vehicle segment. The scooter is designed to deliver superior comfort, eco-friendliness, and a swift ride at an economical price. Here, we will review the tyres for Ampere Magnus Pro along the following attributes – 


  • Available Tyre Sizes of Ampere Magnus Pro
  • The Recommended Tyre Pressure for Ampere Magnus Pro
  • The Available Tyre Brands for Ampere Magnus Pro
  • Ampere Magnus Pro Tyre Prices
  • Ampere Magnus Pro Tyre Warranty
  • The Best Tyres for Ampere Magnus Pro

In the end, we will look objectively at all the tyre variants of the Magnus Pro and assist you with deciding which tyre is the perfect fit for your Magnus Pro electric two-wheeler.


Ampere Magnus Pro Tyres

The premium electric two-wheeler comes with 10-inch alloy wheels on the front and rear. The dynamic radius provides sufficient space for cornering and handling. Ampere Magnus Pro has a tyre size of 3.00 – 10 for both front and rear tyres. The tyres are heavily suitable for safe city drives and ensure extra performance. The front and rear wheel sizes are 254mm and both the tyres are fitted with drum brakes. The tyres deliver a smooth driving experience as the front tyre has telescopic suspension while the rear tyre has spring coil suspension.

The recommended tyre pressure for the Ampere Magnur Pro front tyre is 24 psi and 29 psi for solo rides while for front and pillion it is 24 psi and 36 psi respectively. The electric two-wheeler can easily reach a maximum speed of 84kmph without any hassle.

Variant Tyre Size Rim Size Wheel Type Tyre Type Tyre Pressure
Magnus Pro 3.00 – 10 (Front & Rear) 10 inch Alloy Tubeless 24 psi (front),
29 psi (rear)


Available Tyre Brands For Ampere Magnus Pro

Some of the leading brands in India and across the globe manufacture high-quality tyres for the Ampere Magnus Pro. These durable tyres enable swift driving on the difficult conditions of Indian roads without compromising on suspension and speed. Some of the perfect tyres for the Magnus Pro are listed in the table below – 

Tyre Brand Tyre Model Price (Rs.) Warranty Key Feature Tyre Type
CEAT  Secura NEO 932 6 years Continuous Shoulder Grooves Tube Type
Ralco COMFORT 899 3 years Strong Carcass Construction Tube Type
TVS Eurogrip DRAGON 842 3 years Rounded Shoulder Profile Tube Type
CEAT Zoom D 949 6 years Continuous ZIG-ZAG Grooves Tube Type
Birla ROADMAXX S61 1,188 2 years Semi Knobby Tread
Tube Type
Ralco CITY RIDE 1,009 3 years Nylon Construction Tube Type


Recommended Tyres For Pure EV Epluto 7G

These 6 tyres listed above provide a superior driving experience for the Ampere Magnus Pro. The scooter is an electric vehicle and requires stability while driving on rough roads. Three of the most recommended tyres for the Magnus Pro include – 



  • CEAT Secura NEO


With the angular/directional block pattern, CEAT Secura NEO delivers unmatched performance to the Ampere Magnus Pro. It offers higher traction and a better grip while leaning on the corners. The tyre offers amazing grip on highways and better drivability.



  • Ralco COMFORT


The strong carcass construction of Ralco comfort makes it a superior tyre for wet and dry grip with a longer tread life and improved safety. Innovative tread patterns and rubber compounds come from the advanced research and development facility.


  • Birla RoadMAXX S61


One of the best tyres for the Birla Roadmazz S61, it has a robust tyre structure and maximum safety at high speeds. They deliver heavy-duty performance and are a comfortable option for driving on smoother roads.




Ampere Magnus Pro Overview

Ampere Magnus Pro is India’s leading electric vehicle that runs for 70-80 km per charge. It has a powerful 1200W engine with automatic transmission. The battery takes 5-6 hours to charge fully with a battery capacity of 1.68 kWh. It has a BLDC motor type with a charger output of 60V, 7.5 A-Li. It has a hub motor drive type with a remote push start. The scooter also has a find my scooter option with a detachable battery.



The above tyres are one of the best tyres for Ampere Magnus pro. They provide the utmost safety and stability while driving in rough road conditions. Check the best tyres for Magnus Pro on and choose the best tyres by verifying the features against your needs. 

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