Mitsubishi Outlander SUV Tyre Price, Size, Warranty, Fuel Mileage & More

The Mitsubishi Outlander was launched in 2015, and is, even now considered one of the most capable SUVs money can buy. Strangely, the third generation launched in 2018 wasn’t offered with a supposed BSVI upgrade. For 2020, the Outlander has some new features and new colour options. Nonetheless, for the INR 28-lakh sticker price (ex-Delhi), it offers a fantastic powertrain package, interiors, and sharp looks. The Mitsubishi Outlander has always been considered a soft-roader — a car that can tackle bad roads and do a bit of off-roading every now and then, but is most comfortable in the city and on the highway. The 2020 model has only one variant – the Outlander 2.4 CVT


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Mitsubishi Outlander Tyres – An Overview

Since there’s only one variant on offer, only one tyre size needs to be looked at. And that’s the 215/70 R16 – 100H. The rim is a 16″x 6.5J, which is code for 16 inches diameter and 6.5 inches width. The alphabet J is used for a drop-centre wheel flange designed used mostly in four-wheel-drive vehicles. The Tyre code stands for

  • 215 — 215 mm width
  • 70 — a tyre profile of 70%
  • R16 — a 16-inch rim
  • 100H — 800 kg of load, a maximum speed of 210 kph


All Outlander four tyres are of the same size, as below

Tyre position



Front 215/70 R16 Tubeless
Rear 215/70 R16 Tubeless


Mitsubishi Outlander Features

  • The Mitsubishi Outlander is sold in India in only one trim — the 2.4 CVT
  • The Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 CVT features a 2.4-litre petrol engine that makes 167 bhp and 222 Nm of power and torque linked with a continuously-variable transmission
  • The Outlander features a comfortable all-leather interior, with lots of space even in the third row
  • The four-wheel drive is electronically controlled and has four modes (Auto, Eco and Lock), where you can electronically lock the differential when you go off-roading.
  • The fuel efficiency is a claimed 11 kmpl


Mitsubishi Outlander Specifications

Feature Specification
Engine 2.4L petrol
Power 167bhp
Torque 222Nm
Transmission Continuously Variable transmission with paddle-shifters
Wheelbase 2670mm


Note – The same tyres can be used on all four wheels.


Tyres Available for Mitsubishi Outlander










2.4CVT 215/70 R16 Bridgestone Aggressive, all-weather tread pattern Dueler D689 14,400 5-Yr Tubeless
2.4CVT 215/70 R16 Goodyear All-weather tread compound Wrangler HP AW 11760 5-Yr Tubeless
2.4CVT 215/70 R16 Falken New high-loading polymer ZIEX ZE912 11390 5-year Tubeless
2.4CVT 215/70 R16 JK Tyres Variable Draft Groove technology UX Royale 9825 5-Yr Tubeless
2.4CVT 215/70 R16 Continental 3-dimensional grooves ContiPremium Contact 2 8868 5-year Tubeless
2.4CVT 215/70 R16 Hankook Multi-directional grooves and sipes Dynapro HL RA25 8465 5-Yr Tubeless
2.4CVT 215/70 R16 Apollo Multi-directional tread design with Saw-Tooth Shoulder technology Apterra AT 8000 5-Yr Tubeless
2.4CVT 215/70 R16 CEAT Harder compound, long life CZAR Sports 7850 5-Yr Tubeless


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Recommended Tyre Brands for Mitsubishi Outlander

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a big, heavy, quick car. The SUV can reach 0-100 in 11 seconds, and that, while lugging with it a 2-ton hunk of metal. So, the tyres need to have a combination of dry and wet grip and good braking performance. The other challenge you might face is with the size – 215/70 R16. Not many companies make 16-inch tyres for SUVs, so your choices are limited. Here are the three best tyres we think you should choose from. Additionally, going for a wider tyre is a great idea because that will improve off-road grip. Indian Tyre makers, especially Apollo Tyres have a number of options in the 235 and 255-mm zone. Remember, by increasing the tread contact patch, you are putting more rubber in contact with the road. That will hurt fuel efficiency, but it helps to have a wider tyre if you like going trail-hunting every now and then. 


Bridgestone Dueler D689

Bridgestone’s Dueler D689, while being the most expensive of the lot, also happens to be the most capable. It’s lighter than most other tyres on the market and is also offered as standard equipment in most SUVs and light trucks all over the world. The tyres offer predictable dry and wet grip, and thanks to the deep groove, channel water efficiently, improving braking in the rains. The tyres also feature rounded shoulders that improve steering feedback.


Goodyear Wrangler HP A/W

Incredibly, the Goodyear Wrangler has three sets of treads. These are designed to provide traction in dry, wet and sandy surfaces. The tyres are made out of a soy-based polymer, which is reinforced with a steel casing and a polyamide rib. These tyres offer the best grip on the worst roads.


Falken Ziex ZE912

The Falken Ziex series of tyres has two very important features that make it a great choice — a high strength polymer and an all-new high-load silica compound, Since the Mitsubishi Outlander is a heavy car meant for smoother roads, the redesigned tyre polymer will give it superb flexibility over bad roads, offering a smooth ride. A high silica ratio offers better-wet grip, and in turn, good braking in all weather.



The Mitsubishi Outlander, for all intents and purposes, is outdated. It does not feature most of the top-line creature comforts common in most SUVs today. But, that’s not the case with its tyres. The Japanese SUV uses an odd-sized rim since most SUVs today come with a minimum rim diameter of 17 inches. In spite of that, you should be able to find the best all-round tyre for your Outlander if you do a little bit of research. 

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