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Hankook’s F1 Tyres Development Program Gets Underway

Hankook Tyres F1 Development Program

The competition for the new tyre contract for F1 2020 has begun as Hankook takes on Pirelli. It’s a project of high importance for Hankook, which means that the contract would make the Korean manufacturer a well-known name across the globe. The (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) FIA has recently given Hankook approval after which the company is logistically and technically ready to build the F1 tyres. This approval was given after a detailed investigation. This was the pre-condition for being able to take part in the bidding process against Pirelli.


The F1 management is now on looking the financial offers of the two tyre manufacturers. The management will scrutinize both the commercial offers but the deadline for the process has not been given. However, it should be completed by the end of October 2018. Whichever tyre maker gets the contract will need to get approval from the FIA World council.

Mario Isola, Pirelli Sporting Director, confirmed that their President has already clarified everything about the offer and Pirelli has done a good job for the past 8 years and always did what they wanted.

Hankook is in full throttle mode regarding its preparation. As a consultant, Hirohide Hamashima, former Bridgestone Race Director was set as he has good contacts with the World Association and the rights holders. The new development centre at Daejeon, South Korea which is equipped with most modern tyre test stands has also impressed the FIA examiners. FIA was also convinced that Hankook can build safe tyres as these tests take place exclusively on test benches. Hankook has already been testing on the test track.

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