How To Change Car Tyres


Steps To Change Car Tyre :

Since the invention of cars, the most common problem that a driver faces in his lifetime is the failure of a tyre while driving. The service industry has been in vogue to help those unfortunate victims of such problems. However, many a time you can get stuck in the middle of the road and far away from any car repair shop. In this case, you have to do this tyre change job yourself. Moreover, as an Indian car owner, you should be mentally prepared to come across such situations as our roads are filled with those naughty humps and horrendous holes. This sounds somewhat daunting but in fact, it is one of the easiest tasks to do without taking anybody’s help. If you are the one who have been the unfortunate sufferer in the past, or you are a car owner and don’t know how to overcome such a situation, then you can follow these simple steps for changing tyre:

1. Make sure you have found a safe and flat spot on the road/highway, so as to prevent your car from rolling. Switch off the engine and put the handbrake on.

2. If it’s dark, flash on emergency hazard lights so that you’re clearly visible to the oncoming traffic. Place a solid stone, concrete in front and back of the tyres for more safety.

3. Now, up your sleeves, as your man-nish side is about to be revealed, courtesy car tyre replacement. Pull out the spare wheel, jack and wheel wrench from the boot. These tyre replacement tools are often located underneath a removable section of the trunk.

tyre replacement tools


4. Before you jack up the car, use the lug wrench or wheel wrench to remove the wheel nuts. Now place the jack under the front of the rear wheels, you will find a mark where the jack is intended to be placed.

5. Crank up the jack to lift the car to appropriate level off the ground.

6. Carefully remove the wheel and the flat tyre.

7. Place the fresh wheel on that place and tighten the wheel nuts. Do not tighten them hard until the jack is removed.

8. Now slowly lower the jack and tighten the wheel nuts completely. Make a double check before packing your tools.

Now as you have replaced your tyre with the new one, you are good to move. But your task of car tyre change is still incomplete. It is highly recommended to stop by the next petrol pump and check if the tyre you just installed is properly inflated or not. If you’re still uncertain about the tyre installation, move into the nearby car repair shop to clear your doubts.

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