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CEAT Manufactures 100 Ag Radial Tyres In Just One Year

CEAT Manufactures 100 Ag Radial Tyres

One of India’s largest tyre manufacturers, CEAT, has recently achieved an important milestone. The tyre maker has produced 100 unique tyre sizes at its new CEAT Ag Radial plant which was opened just a year ago.

Vijay Gambhire, Managing Director, CEAT Specialty Tyres Ltd. told that the company is now well established to cater the farming needs of North American farmers with a diverse range of high-quality radials. Mr. Gambhire further added that in addition to the number of sizes, the quality of CEAT Ag radial tyres is also well received by the farmers of both the USA and Canada. He also told that the company has invested in best-in-class equipment for its new plant including the latest technologies for tyre building machines.

He further said that outside of Japan, CEAT Tyres is the only tyre manufacturer that has received the prestigious Deming Prize for the total quality management (TQM). Mr. Gambhire concluded by saying that at CEAT Tyres they are excited with the reception received from the North American farmers. Tyre dealers looking to join CEAT distribution network should contact the company’s Charlotte office.

FARMAX R85, FARMAX R65 and FARMAX R70 series radials are the examples of high-quality products being manufactured at the plant. Currently, the plant also produces the newly introduced FARMAX Row Crop Radial. All these tyres feature “CTR” – low compaction, high traction and high roadability.

All the CEAT Ag radials sold in North America comes with 7 years warranty. It also offers full range of Ag bias tyres.

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