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Tyres are the most vital part of the vehicle. After all, they are the vehicle’s only contact with the road. Practically, a lot depends on the tyres. If the tyres are worn out, skidding, under-inflated, not suited to the environment then the driver is putting his and other passengers’ lives in danger. Most of the drivers are not properly informed about the tyres or say they don’t have any access to a proper tyre buying guide or tyre care checklist. In most cases, their choice depends mainly upon the price. But, for some, the choice is based on either the appearance of those rubbers or the company/brand name.

A well-selected pair can contribute towards strengthening your safety, increasing fuel economy, better handling as well as providing greater comfort and ride quality. Walking down a tyre showroom for selecting a new pair can be an exhausting proportion. To make that cumbersome and tricky process easy you need to be aware of some important aspects of buying a new set of tyres. So, here are the key points to consider before taking the buying decision:

    • Before buying tyres make sure that you actually are in need of buying tyres. Look for the wearing and tearing around the tyres. In addition, remember to inspect your vehicle tyre’s tread depth at regular intervals.



    • Check the owner’s manual of the car/bike manufacturer to know about the recommended type of tyres you can use in your car/bike.


    • JD Power’s study recently revealed that 37% tyre buyers prefer buying the OE (Original Equipment) tyre brand. If you liked the way the older pair performed, then you can go ahead with the same set of OE tyres.


    • Make sure that you buy tyres with a right tread pattern. By ‘right tread pattern’ we mean the tread pattern that is compatible with the geographic conditions where the vehicle is driven. A tread pattern of a tyre is closely related to its performance and it also directs water away from the contact patch. Furthermore, tread patterns also have an impact on the road noise. Ensure that your vehicle gets right tread pattern tyres from either of these: Unidirectional, conventional or asymmetric. Mud-terrain, highway and all-terrain tyres are also available in the market, you can choose as per your requirement and geographic conditions.

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Tiffany Locke

Tyres that will contribute towards keeping you safe and helping your car run and handle better is a good idea. You’d probably want to make sure you get the proper size so that you can get the benefits you’re looking for. When you are choosing an auto shop to get the tyres you’d probably want to see if they’ve worked with your type of car so that they’ll be able to handle everything.