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Birla S49+ Scooter Tyre Video Review

Hello friends, hope you are doing well; we are back with a new tyre review. This time we will review the Birla S49+ scooter tyre from Birla Tyres. A popular name in the two-wheeler tyre segment, Birla S49+ takes robustness, durability and value for money aspect to the next level. 

Guys in this review, we will discuss various important aspects surrounding Birla S49+ which include its compound, construction and performance. We will also throw some light on its fuel efficiency, speed rating, warranty and available sizes part. So let’s dive into the details.


Birla S49+ Scooter Tyre Compound and Construction

Friends, starting with the compound, the premium scooter tyre integrate a unique amalgamation of rubber compound. And features a nylon bias-ply construction. The use of advance compound assists in superior mileage, long tread life and long-lasting grip. 

The tyre is aesthetically appealing thanks to modern tread design engineering. Guys, owing to the ideal combo of compound and construction the tyre provides optimum grip under dry and wet weather situation.  The tyre is offered in a tubeless layout and is available for the front as well as rear fitment.


Birla S49+ Scooter Tyre Performance and Handling

The unique design engineering and use of advance compound allow Birla S49+ scooter tyre to take care of Indian roads in a fuss-free manner. If you look closely at the groove design, the suave, low-knob tread pattern coupled with reinforced sidewall calls for superior grip and excellent handling on any road surface. 

The use of hard-wearing compound and tread makes S49+ a capable companion on challenging city and highway routes. Another best part of this tyre is that its all-terrain like groove evacuates mud and water effectively, maintaining optimum traction all the time. So you don’t have to worry about handling, instead immerse yourself in the joy of riding. 


Birla S49+ Scooter Tyre Mileage, Price, Speed Rating, Warranty, and Sizes

Guys as I said that Birla S49+ uses a unique compound and hard carcass, which allows better rigidity and at the same time extracts good fuel mileage figures. As far as sizes are concerned, the S49+ tubeless scooter tyre from Birla is offered in two sizes i.e. 3.50-10 and 90/100-10. Both the tyre sizes come with a ‘J’ speed rating, which denotes that it can be accelerated up to a speed of 100km/hr. 

The premium scooter tyre is priced at Rs 1150 per tyre for size 3.50-10, while the 90/100-10 tyre is tagged at Rs 1224 per tyre. The highly competent scooter tyre from Birla Tyres comes with a standard warranty of 5 years.

If you are looking to change your scooter tyre to a brand new one, you can shop for Birla S49+ scooter tyre by clicking on www.tyremarket.com or call us on 8088090090.


Birla S49+ Scooter Tyre Competitors and Scooter Model Compatibility 

Guys in the densely populated scooter tyre segment Birla 49S+ competes with CEAT Zoom D, TVS Conta 625, Apollo Acti Grip S3 D, Michelin City Pro, and others. 

If you are wondering to find out whether the S49+ scooter tyre will fit my scooter or not.  Worry not, it can be fitted to nearly all the popular scooters, which include Hero Maestro, Hero Duet, Honda Activa (old), Honda Activa 4G, Honda Activa 5G, Yamaha Ray Z, Mahindra Duro, TVS Pep Plus, etc. If you couldn’t find your scooter model, we have made an extensive scooter model compatibility list here for Birla S49+. Click to know.

Dear friends, if you are already using Birla S49+ in your scooter do share your feedback and performance of the tyre in the comments below.


So guys it’s time to say goodbye to you all. Don’t forget to like and share this video. For more such updates, reviews and news do subscribe to our YouTube channel. Will see you soon with another interesting tyre review!

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