10 Tips To Help You Prepare For A Journey


When you are all set to embark on your journey, you want it to go all perfectly. And yes, you definitely don’t want any hiccups. So, to avoid any err keep these 10 tips in mind to make that long drive an awesome affair.




Prepare your journey in advance. Make hotel reservations beforehand as you don’t want to be stranded in the middle in the case of ‘No Vacancy’ at the hotel.




Make a list of the accessories, clothes, snacks etc. that you want to carry with you.




If available, in the car, one can also carry some good movies with him/herself to watch using a DVD player fixed in your seat.



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The most important thing is the vehicle check-up. Check tyre pressure, tune up the engine, check oils, and get electrical parts routinized. Make sure you are carrying first aid kit also.



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You should carry an additional pack of coolant, engine oil and an additional tyre.




Follow the signs once you are on road. Never overtake from the left side, check your speed limit (No Doubt Speed thrills, but it kills also), clean your mirror glasses regularly, and use proper signaling.




One should get a good map as it will help you a lot in navigation. One can use google maps, Nokia maps or other GPS system that are flooded in the market nowadays. You can also use a good map book.




Before you start a journey charge all your electronic gadgets as you don’t want yourself to get tangled with the wires in the car.




As long drive can be hectic, preferably carry a co-passenger who also knows how to drive. This will enable you to take rest for some time while your partner will get the hold of steering in the meantime.



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Wear something light on the day of journey such as T-shirts, Pajamas as you don’t want to be in an uncomfortable situation for a long journey.


These pretty little things will surely help you to have a great time on that long drive but remember, “Drive Safely and Enjoy The Most Out Of It!”


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