News: Goodyear Unveils Two Futuristic Concept Tyres, BHO3 And Triple Tube

goodyear concept bho3 and concept triple tube tyres

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US-based multinational tyre manufacturer, Goodyear has always been determined towards shaping the history of tyre technology with its iconic creations. Moving up the ladder in the same direction, the company has unveiled two futuristic tyre concepts. Christened as BHO3 and Triple Tube, these tyre concepts are claimed to provide smart, safe and sustainable solutions to the automobile industry. With BHO3 capable of generating electricity and Triple Tube featuring three layers of inner tubes, the high-tech concept tyres from Goodyear are not only revolutionary in every bit but are also latest examples of green innovation in the tyre sector.

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The first concept BHO3 converts the heat produced by the rolling of tyres into electric energy,  which helps in the charging of the batteries of electric vehicles under regular driving conditions. The electrical energy is created by the action of materials inside the tyres, which further enhances its electricity generation capabilities and improves its rolling resistance. In near future, this ground-breaking technology has a major role to play due to increasing demand for electric cars in the country and will widely contribute to the future mobility challenges.


Concept Triple Tube: As the name says, it has got three tubes inside the tyre. One tube is located under the tread, second is embraced to the inboard and outboard shoulders of the tyre, while the third is located in the center. The tyre is dependent on an internal pump that has a task to move the air from the primary chamber to the three individual tubes. Based on the road conditions, the tyre is able to automatically adjust itself in either of the below mentioned three positions:

  1. Eco/Safety position: This position helps in reduced rolling resistance as all the three tubes have maximum inflation.
  2. Sporty position: Here the tube positioned in the inboard shoulder has low inflation which results in better dry handling for the drivers with optimised contact patch.
  3. Wet traction position: The increased inflation in the center tube offers high hydroplaning resistance via elevated tread in the tyre center.
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