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TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer Tyre Review

TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer Tyre Review

The TVS group is hailed as the largest automotive ancillary group in India, pioneering in two- and three-wheeler tyres under the brand name TVS Eurogrip. With the finest engineers in their R&D, TVS Eurogrip produces tyres with a technology tailor-made to adapt to tough Indian roads and match the preferences of riders. 

In this article, we will look at one of the most acclaimed tyres of TVS Eurogrip, the TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer, review its features, list the prices, gauge its performance, examine its compatibility, and give you an overall review on it.


TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer Tyre Compound

TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres are made of superior tyre compound with optimized stiffness for riding comfort. The skilfully designed casing of the TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres offers exceptional control while riding on uncertain roads. The tread compound in these tyres is made to provide excellent grip on both dry and wet conditions.


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TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer Tyre Construction Type

For facilitating better grip and water channelling, TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres are forged with a four-ribs pattern. The smooth, rounded shoulder profile coupled with optimized grooves enable cornering stability, riding comfort, finer steering control, and safety. Rib design in TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres are configured to maximize mileage, and the centre rib pattern aids better steering control pattern depth. The grooves with directional patterns facilitate water evacuation. TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer has an optimized profile, providing invariable stability and remarkable manoeuvrability. The deep tread pattern design in the Rib Stiffer tyres enhances tyre life and tyre longevity. Lastly, the TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres are developed with a Nylon Reinforcement Bonding system for proper adhesion of nylon and rubber, which takes care of the durability and safety aspects of tyres even after a lifetime of use.


TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer Tyre Performance

The TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres exhibit superior all-round performance, equipped with great directional stability and water dispersion abilities which make it easy to glide on rough terrains and uneven surfaces. These tyres work reasonably well on loose surfaces as well as on tarmac. TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer gives outright cornering grip; the deep groove tread pattern that runs down to the shoulder of the tyre scuffs off the water and secures durability and endurance of the tyres. Zero-degree steel technology is used in the TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres, which provide extremely high rigidity to deliver higher-level handling at high speeds. This technology allows variable pitch winding to the tyre reinforcements, which further distributes the stiffness from the centre to the shoulder of the tyre. TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres are suitable for front-fitment, for a wholesome performance.


TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer Bike Tyre Size

TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres are available in 2.25-17 6PR RIB MODIFIED 38L, 2.75-17 N 4PR RIB, and 2.75-18 4PR SC36 RIB, and are suitable to mount on the front wheel of the compatible bikes.


2.25-17 6PR  Front Tube
2.75-17 N 4PR  Front Tube
2.75-18 4PR  Front Tube


TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer Bike Tyre Price

TVS Eurogrip Stiffer bike tyres are sturdy yet economical for the performance it offers. A single 275-18 tube front two-wheeler tyre costs approximately Rs. 1,099, 2.75-17 N 4PR tyre costs around Rs. 970 and 2.75-18 4PR tyre costs around Rs. 1,006.


TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer Tyre Fuel Efficiency

TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres are constructed to reduce tyre deflection and lower rolling resistance, which altogether minimizes the energy loss. The high-tech tweaks to the rubber compound and tyre pattern provide high fuel efficiency.


TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer Tyre Warranty

TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres offer 3 years of company standard warranty. The warranty is applicable for manufacturing defects only and the warranty period counts from the date of tyre manufacturing till the tyre tread reaches TWI (Tread Wear Indicator).


TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer Tyre Speed Rating

TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres are made for cruising along the highways and daily commuting. The speed rating, i.e., the top-speed capability, of the TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyre is 150 km/h and is denoted by the speed rating code ‘P’.


TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer Tyre Competitors

TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres are engineered to adapt to mixed road conditions. Tyre brands CEAT Milaze, Michelin SIRAC Street, MRF Nylogrip Zapper, JK Tyre Challenger, Apollo ACTIZIP F2 and others are contending with TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres.


TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer Vehicle Compatibility

Packed with an unparalleled tyre compound, tread grip, and tyre life, TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer is compatible with the most popular commuter bikes in the country. The following listed bikes are compatible with these tyres.


Bike Brand Model
Hero Achiever
Bajaj V
Bajaj Caliber
Mahindra  Centuro
Yamaha  Crux
Yamaha  Enticer
Hero  Glamour
Hero  Achiever 150
Hero  Dawn
Hero  Deluxe
Hero  HF Dawn
Hero  Karizma
Hero  Passion
Hero  Passion PRO
Hero Splendor
Hero Splendor Plus
Hero Splendor Pro Classic
Honda  Unicorn
LML Freedom
Mahindra  Pantero
Hero  Super Splendor BS6



The high-end attributes of TVS Eurogrip tyres not only perfectly accessorise a commuter bike but also bring out the sheer performance the bike is designed to deliver. TVS Eurogrip tyres are known to deliver higher grip, and the Rib Stiffer tyres add a mix of stability, control and durability on any surface. Diminishing friction, cutting down the energy loss, TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer are endowed with deep treads and imbibed nylon for longer tyre life. To summarize, TVS Eurogrip Rib Stiffer tyres are almost ideal for standard bikes and are appropriate for combating everyday congestion and abrupt weathers.

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