5 Most Popular Car Tyre Patterns In India

Popular Car Tyre Patterns In India

Generally, car owners choose car tyre patterns based on their mechanics, sales advisors or even just by the looks. The mechanics and sales advisors obviously would always prioritize their self-vested interests. That means a mechanic will not hesitate to recommend a tyre pattern which is available with him at that moment but might not be the most optimum for your vehicle. You certainly can’t bank on the sales advisors. The first thing they think about is of meeting their target, and if that means that they have to manipulate you, they will surely not hesitate to do that. You shouldn’t also judge a book by its cover and simply bank on cosmetics to choose your next set of tyres. Use this article as a guidebook, and you will reap the benefits.

1. CEAT Milaze X3

CEAT Milaze X3

Renowned for their longevity and safety, CEAT Milaze X3 has an ideal car tyre tread pattern for both wet and dry grips. Its optimized tread pattern ensures minimum wear and tear without sacrificing the road grip. It also uses a higher gauge for deeper treads which results in a comfortable and safe ride. As an added benefit this car tyre pattern also offers good mileage.


2. JK Vectra

JK Vectra

The unique tyre tread pattern on JK Vectra makes it an ideal tyre for touring purposes. The wide, jagged central rib improves the braking process as well as offers better handling, which are essential features, especially required when the car moves with a higher velocity. It also boasts of wide tread lugs and supple sidewalls to ensure a comfortable ride and improved cornering capabilities respectively.


3. Bridgestone B290


Bridgestone B290

The B290 by Bridgestone has large center blocks with three-dimensional grooves in a circumferential format to ensure better grip even on wet roads. The contrasting rows of high and low winding grooves are suitable for better water dispersion. The wide contact patch also provides improved stability.



4. Michelin Energy XM2

Michelin Energy Xm2

In terms of car tyre patterns, the Michelin Energy XM2 uses alternating bridging technology, which increases the tyre life by 20% in comparison to its competitors. The unique tread patterns along with the usage of a unique micro adaptive compound also lead to superior grip during both the dry and rainy seasons. Moreover, the optimum void grooves also ensure a comfortable ride.


5. Bridgestone B390

Bridgestone B390

One of the best in its category, the Bridgestone B390 comes with the unique ‘Shoulder Protector Technology,’ which ensures that there is a high density of rubber at the cut areas to increase the tyre life. The tread pattern comprising of the central ribs and spikes offers remarkable steering control and stability. Made up of LL Carbon, this tyre is durable and reduces the noise generation.


Isn’t it easy to pick your tyres now based on tread patterns? Let us know if you need some further details, and maybe we can dedicate another article towards it. Drive safely!

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