MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride Motorcycle Tyre Review

About the manufacturer 

India’s largest tyre manufacturer, MRF Tyres has been ruling the two-wheeler tyre segment for many years. The continuous revival and introduction of new products in its portfolio is undoubtedly the key to its success and admiration among its consumers. The Chennai-based tyre maker has been modernizing every aspect of tyre manufacturing in terms of material use and technological advancement alongside developing tailor-made tyres to suit Indian conditions and needs of the masses. Moving head, MRF recently introduced another reliable the ‘Nylogrip Ezeeride’ for motorcycles.

MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride Motorcycle Tyre

One of the most innovative add-ons to MRF’s two wheeler tyre range, MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride is a technologically enhanced product that boasts increased tyre life with superior grip and stability. True to its name, it offers ‘easy’ handling and manoeuvrability across city streets. 

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Developed to make every motorcycle ride an ‘Ezeeride’, the MRF bike tyre is presented in tube type and tubeless choices. The wide variety of rim variations offered under the Nylogrip Ezeeride range can be fitted right from Hero HF Deluxe to Harley Davidson Street 750. MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride is available for both front as well as rear fitment.

Tyre Compound

MRF manufactures both mass segment and premium segment motorcycle tyres under various categories. The former uses hard compound, while the latter is made using the softer compound and here, Nylogrip Ezeeride bike tyres get the best of both – a mixed rubber compound made out of the hard and soft compound to ensure optimum comfort to the rider max traction to the bike. The technologically sound wear-resistant compound integration helps in even wear and high tyre life. Irrespective of weather conditions, the superior compound used in Nylogrip Ezeeride maintains its supple nature.

Construction Type

As the name suggests, Nylogrip Ezeeride consists of high-quality nylon bias ply bike tyre. With the help of unique compound and innovative tread design, this tyre is formulated to have better stick to the road surface and enjoy longer tread lifespan. The novel tread of MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride with broad centre ensures apt riding comfort on open stretches and straight rides. A soothing to eye tread design with closely knitted blocks and smart placement of grooves promotes improved hug level to the surface. Moreover, the stiff sidewalls offer load carrying capability and allow the least deformation of tyres under potholed city conditions.


The Nylogrip Ezeeride is a smooth performer on wet and dry tarmac alike. With its unique tread pattern, it offers confident control over curvy surfaces and superior cornering stability during speedy drives. 

Apart from a highly comfortable straight drive, the Nylogrip Ezeeride also bestows better grip on wet surfaces. The channelled grooves at the tread ensure quick evacuation of water while the road-hugging wide centre never detaches from the surface leading to unwavering traction. This also reduces the chances of aquaplaning resulting in better safety.

The all-season Ezeeride motorcycle tyre absorbs city road undulations effortlessly without filtering them to the rider. Its strong carcass structure ascertains uniform wear for a long period of time boiling down to an extensive lifespan. Moreover, the ideal compound mix coupled with rigid sidewalls offers high resistance against frequent punctures. 

MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride Motorcycle Tyre Sizes

The Nylogrip Ezeeride bike tyre by MRF comes in wide range of sizes to suit motorcycles from different segments right from commuter to midsize-performance category. The MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride opens with 2.75 – 17 (front fitment) and goes up to 150/70 – 15 (rear fitment). Given below are the rim sizes offered in the MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride tyre range:

2.75 – 18 48P Front Tube Type BUY HERE
3.00 – 18 52P Rear  Tube Type / Tubeless BUY HERE
2.75 – 18 48P Rear  Tube Type / Tubeless BUY HERE
2.75 – 17 41P Front Tube Type BUY HERE
3.00 – 17 50P Rear  Tube Type / Tubeless BUY HERE
80/100 – 18 54P  Front Tubeless BUY HERE
80/100 – 18 54P  Rear  Tubeless BUY HERE
3.25 – 19 54P  Front Tube Type BUY HERE
3.25 – 19 54P  Rear  Tube Type BUY HERE
150/70 – 15H Rear  Tubeless BUY HERE

MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride Motorcycle Tyre Pricing

Sighting high competition in the segment, the modern bike tyre from MRF Tyres, Nylogrip Ezeeride is priced quite affordably. The range opens at Rs. 1400 per tyre for the 2.75 – 17 sized front tyre and marches up to Rs. 5550 per tyre for the larger 150/70 – 15 sized rear tyre. All the given prices are of approximate value.

Fuel Efficiency

The tyre features tread design that holds the surface better and ensures low rolling resistance. This consumption of minimal energy promotes high fuel efficiency of MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride. Overall, compared to its closest opponent, the tyre offers one of the best in class fuel economy in its segment.


The Nylogrip Ezeeride is offered with 6 years standard warranty from MRF Tyres. The warranty is valid from the month of manufacturing on the tyre. 

Tyre Speed Rating

The MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride bike tyres across its range get two speed ratings i.e. of ‘P’ and ‘H’. Here the tyres with ‘P’ speed ratings symbolize that the maximum speed recommended is of 150 km/h, whereas ‘H’ stands for the highest acceleration of 210 km/h with maximum prescribed load capacity. 


The latest bike tyre from MRF boasts many modern features to lure its commuter and mass segment audience. The tyre competes with the likes of CEAT F85, Michelin City PRO, TVS Tyres Rib, Apollo Actizip, JK Blaze BR11, CEAT Milaze X3, CEAT Secura Zoom, Metro Conti Revolution, and many others.  

Vehicle Compatibility

The Nylogrip Ezeeride tyre can be fitted to commuter as well as premium midsize performance motorcycles falling in various segments. Below mentioned is the detailed list of bikes that can be shod with MRF Nylogrip Ezeeride bike tyre.

Bajaj Discover, Boxer 150, CT 100 B, Discover 100, Discover 100M, Discover 125 ST, Discover 125, Discover 135, Platina, Boxer, CT 100
Harley Davidson Street 750
Hero Splendor Pro, Glamour, Glamour FI, Super Splendor, HF Dawn, Dawn, Passion Plus, Passion Pro, Splendor, Passion, CD 100, CD 100 SS, Splendor iSmart, HF Deluxe, HF Dawn, Splendor Plus, Splendor 125, Splendor Pro, Passion Pro, Passion Plus
Honda CB Shine 125, CB Shine SP, Dream Yuga, Dream Neo, Livo, Dream CD 110
LML Freedom
Mahindra Pantero, Centuro
Royal Enfield Bullet Standard, Electra
Suzuki Hayate (Old), Hayate ES
TVS Victor GLX, Victor, Star City (Old), Star City 110, Sport, Phoenix 125
Yamaha YBR 125, Gladiator, SS 125, G5, Alba 106, Saluto 125, YBR 115

Aimed at being a biker’s true delight, the Nylogrip series bike tyre can be termed as a laudable effort by MRF. Especially at this reasonable price point, it gets you the best of both worlds i.e. dry as well as wet performance.

The Verdict 

Offering distinction from MRF Zapper tyre range which is more inclined towards sporty riding with their rounded profiles, the Ezeeride series with their nearly squared off pattern and broad contact focus on straight line rides. 

With its out of the league tread design, the new MRF tyre promotes comfortable ride quality and provides effective water evacuation. In addition to better braking and optimum wet and dry grip, the tyre also offers larger tread life and maintains wear regularity. The easy to manoeuvre tyre within city limits keeps price point in check by offering the choice of tube type and tubeless variations to the masses. 

Overall, Nylogrip Ezeeride is another dependable tyre to bank upon from MRF’s reliable rubber house to take on un-bankable Indian roads. 


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