Low Rolling Resistance Tyres – What Are They and Their Benefits?

Tyre Rolling Resistance

There has been a lot of development in the design of automobiles of different kinds. At the same time, tyres have also seen major transformations. One such development is the low rolling resistance tyres. They are better, as compared to all the other tyres and come with a ton of benefits. In this article, we will see all there is to know about low rolling resistance tyres.


Tyre Rolling Resistance – What Is It

To understand why low rolling resistance tyres are better, you first need to understand what the rolling resistance is.

When you push the accelerator in your car, you are basically transferring the energy through the engine to your tyres. This energy can be in the form of gas or electricity, depending on your vehicle. When this energy reaches the tires, they turn and create enough momentum to move the car forward.

In order to get this action done, the vehicle must overcome several factors that can make it resistant to forward movement. One of these factors is the tires’ rolling resistance.

In simple words, we can say that the rolling resistance is the effort required to keep the tyres rolling. It is the energy that your car needs to send to your tires to maintain movement at a consistent speed.


What is Hysteresis?

Tyres change their shape when they rotate on a surface. The portion of the tyre in contact with the surface is deformed and then it returns back to its relaxed state. The energy required to deform a tyre is greater than the energy needed to return it to its original shape. This phenomenon is known as hysteresis and it is the main contributor to rolling resistance.

It is basically the energy loss that occurs when the tyre rolls on a surface. This energy is dissipated in the form of heat. The vehicle’s engine must overcome this energy loss and this results in wasted fuel.


How to Minimize Rolling Resistance?

It is not possible to completely avoid the rolling resistance. It occurs whenever the tire contacts a surface. You can, however, minimize the rolling resistance.

As the rolling resistance is caused by hysteresis, you can engineer the tire with specially formulated tread compounds which are resistant to heat generation. It is possible to construct tyres to minimize the tyre deflection for minimized energy loss. Such types of tyres are known as low rolling resistance tyres. They have rubber compounds and tread patterns that help in reducing friction. This further results in better fuel efficiency.


5 Benefits of Low Rolling Resistance Tyres


1. Improved Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency improve

About 5-15% of total fuel is used for overcoming rolling resistance. A 10 percent decrease in the rolling resistance yields a 1 – 2 percent improvement in fuel economy. Even though the number seems small, the costs eventually add up.

When inflated to the right pressure, the low resistance tyre can significantly improve the car’s fuel efficiency.


2. Increased Savings

When you use low resistance tyres, you would be spending less on fuel. This translates to reduced fuel expenses and a profit with every kilometre.

To give you an idea, low resistance car tyres can help you save up to Rs. 6,000 per year on fuel.  You can recover a good part of your investment in the long run.


3. Greener Option

Less fuel consumption doesn’t just mean reduced fuel expenses but also lesser emissions. So, when you use low resistance tyres, you would make a positive impact on the world.

It is no surprise that as several Indian cities are heavily polluted, a green tyre option can make a huge difference. Different tyre makers are experimenting with new tyre fabrication techniques to minimize environmental impact.


4. Better Safety

Rolling resistance is dissipated as heat, which means that the tyres can get quite hot when you drive. In summers, as the temperature goes up, the road also gets heated. Moreover, the car’s engine undergoes a lot of stress. All this can result in a tyre burst while driving, proving extremely dangerous to you and others on the road.

On the other hand, low resistance tyres run cooler as compared to the standard tubeless tyres. This makes them less prone to damage that is caused by heat build-up.


5. Better Control

Low resistance tyre makers are using silica in the tyre compound, which is a sand-like substance. This compound improves tyre grip and gives you better control on the road. Your ride will be smoother and you can go faster with little effort.


Top Fuel-Efficient Tyres in India


1. Pirelli Scorpion Verde 4 Wheeler Tyre 

This is the best tyre if you own an SUV or crossover. They offer great mileage and are known for their great handling. It is designed to reduce the environmental impact without compromising on the performance. Its design helps in saving fuel while maximizing grip and braking capability.


Buy Pirelli Scorpion Verde 4 Tyre


Pros – Proven fuel-saving technology, high longevity, environment-friendly, lower running costs


Cons – Slightly expensive, may not be suitable for all applications


2. Bridgestone Ecopia

Bridgestone Ecopia tyre series offers advanced low-rolling resistance and fuel-saving benefits without compromising on safety. This tyre reduces rolling resistance and energy loss. It maintains traction and enhances performance. There are special compounds in the tyre sidewall that will reduce the weight, which further increases efficiency.


Buy Bridgestone Ecopia


Pros – Reduced fuel use and emissions, maintains grip and handling, durable


Cons – Tyre pressure needs to be monitored very carefully to maintain a long life.


3. Michelin Energy Saver A/S

Its low rolling resistance contributes to fuel savings. It has a firm grip on the road surface which helps in reducing the braking distance. The grip is great in both dry and wet conditions. The alternative bridging technology reinforces the rigidity of the tread blocks, which reduces the risk of rapid tyre wear.


Buy Michelin Energy Saver A/S


Pros – Ideal for hybrid vehicles, the leading technology used, excellent performance, gives great comfort


Cons – Relatively expensive as compared to counterparts


4. Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max

Goodyear’s Fuel Max technology is designed to improve fuel consumption without affecting the mileage or performance. It offers critical features like strong grip, shorter braking distance, blow out resistance and anti-skid. This low rolling resistance design is affordable and durable.


Buy Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max


Pros – Affordable pricing, good performance on wet surfaces, long-lasting


Cons – Not intended for winter use


Final Words

With rising fuel prices, these tyres will make a huge difference. Not only do these tyres offer better fuel efficiency and low rolling resistance, but also increased safety, quiet ride, high performance, and extreme comfort. These will be an excellent addition to your vehicle, so don’t think twice about buying them.

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