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CEAT CrossDrive Tyre Review – Best Tyre For SUVs & Crossovers

Here’s what you should know more about the new rugged and reliable CEAT CrossDrive range of tyres for midsize SUVs and crossovers. 

ceat crossDrive tyre review

India is a market, where SUVs and crossovers are gaining fast popularity like never before. With this, the demand for rugged and reliable car tyres offering solid performance and matching the rough-and-tough image of SUVs, in general, has also increased. To match the wider acceptance of high-riding vehicles and offer suitable SUV tyre options, CEAT has come up with an all-new assortment of tyres for SUVs and crossovers named ‘CrossDrive’. 

As the name suggests, the new CEAT CrossDrive offers an optimal driving experience over cross terrains, over which SUV owners drive their vehicles most of the time. With cutting-edge 3D sipe technology and robust shoulder design, the CEAT CrossDrive offers you the ruggedness and durability that an SUV or a crossover tyre demands for varying terrains. Tested extensively in state-of-the-art NATRAX track in Indore, the CEAT CrossDrive is designed for a wide range of both 4×2 and 4×4 SUVs. 

Like other tyres from CEAT, the CrossDrive is also available throughout the exclusive CEAT Shoppe outlets across India. For now, the CEAT CrossDrive has already become the official tyre supplier for Mahindra of its off-roading lifestyle SUV, Thar. 


What Are The Prerequisites Of A Tyre For An SUV Or A Crossover?

People generally perceive SUVs and crossovers as high-riding vehicles which are capable of taking regular beatings like potholes, irregular surfaces and off-road driving conditions with more ease as compared to other body styles like hatchbacks and sedans. 

To match this requirement, SUV and crossover owners look out for tyre options which can perform well in rugged driving conditions. In addition to these, they also prefer tyres which are reliable and can last long, despite unfavourable driving surfaces. 


Is CEAT CrossDrive Capable Enough To Maintain Traction On All Surfaces?

All the tyre size options available under the CEAT CrossDrive brand come with a zig-zag circumferential groove, which helps the tyre in achieving a balanced movement for optimal steering response. This fine responsiveness to quick steering movements helps in maintaining traction over all kinds of surfaces, which in turn results in higher durability of the tyres. 


Is CEAT CrossDrive Good Enough To Hold A Grip On Higher Speeds?

The SUVs are not only capable of facing rough surfaces, but also have enough performance on tap to touch triple-digit speeds in no time. To ensure that the SUV doesn’t lose out on grip while being driven fast, the CEAT CrossDrive gets an open tread pattern, which can hold a grip on high speeds over even rougher surfaces like dirt and gravel. 


How Efficient Is CEAT CrossDrive Under Immediate Acceleration And Braking?

The CEAT CrossDrive features a lower lateral void, due to which it has a reduced lateral groove width. This feature restricts block movement to ensure that the SUV equipped with this tyre remains stable under immediate acceleration and braking even on loose surfaces like dirt or gravel terrains.


How Does CEAT CrossDrive Score Under Sustainable Mobility?

For sustainable mobility, the CEAT CrossDrive comes with stone ejector elements like bars, steps, chamfers, etc, which otherwise tend to reduce the overall life of the tyre. The CEAT CrossDrive also comes with surface adaptive 3D sipe, which not only helps in achieving sustainable mobility but also enhances the car handling response. 


Which SUVs And Crossovers Are Compatible With CEAT CrossDrive?

The CEAT CrossDrive is specifically designed for SUVs and crossovers available in the midsize segment of the Indian car market. Most of these midsize SUVs and crossovers come with engine options varying between 1.5-litre petrol/diesel to 2.5-litre petrol/diesel. The SUVs and crossovers compatible with the CEAT CrossDrive tyres are as follows:

Tyre Size Vehicle
255/65 R18 Mahindra Thar, Mahindra Alturas, Isuzu V-Cross 
265/60 R18 Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Hilux
265/65 R17 Mahindra Scorpio Classic, Mahindra Scorpio-N
235/65 R17 Tata Harrier, Tata Safari, Jeep Compass
235/70 R16 Tata Safari Storme, Tata Aria
215/75 R15 Mahindra Bolero 


CEAT CrossDrive FAQs:

Q1. Which carmaker has partnered with CEAT CrossDrive as an official tyre supplier?

Answer – CEAT CrossDrive is the official tyre partner for Mahindra for its Thar off-roader SUV.


Q2. In which tyre sizes is the CEAT CrossDrive available?

Answer – The CEAT CrossDrive is available in 215/75 R15, 235/70 R16, 235/65 R17, 265/65 R17, 265/60 R18 and 255/65 R18.


Q3. What features of the CEAT CrossDrive contribute to its off-roading capabilities?

Answer – The CEAT CrossDrive features a zig-zag circumferential groove and reduced lateral groove width for better grip on off-road driving conditions.

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