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Apollo Apterra AT2 SUV Tyres Video Review – Everything You Need to Know

Hey friends, welcome to Tyremarket.com. Today we will review the Apollo Apterra AT2 SUV tyre. Homegrown tyre manufacturer Apollo Tyres claims that the tyre has been tested thoroughly under Indian and overseas conditions. Let me tell you guys, the initial Apterra AT has been one of the most successful SUV tyres in the Apollo Tyres portfolio. 

However, compared to the original, the Apterra AT2 takes on-road/off-road performance, durability and wet and dry traction to the next level. The true-blue, all-terrain SUV tyre flaunts patented technology, modern design engineering and special compound for ultimate performance under tough conditions. 

In this review, we will run through all the major elements of Apterra AT2 which include its compound, construction and performance. Alongside, we will also cover fuel efficiency, warranty, speed rating and others. So let’s get into the details. 



Apollo Apterra AT2 SUV Tyre Compound and Construction

Friends, to make Apterra AT2 traverse anywhere under any road condition, the compound and construction play an important role. It gets an ideal blend of hard and soft rubber compound and deployment of high-quality polymers. The integration of the 5th-gen polymer blend compound with DPF expertise calls for durability and longer tread life. 

On the construction front, it gets reinforced radial architecture that offers cut and chip resistance leading to reduced tyre damages under challenging off-road setups. Further, the unique tread pattern and wide tread contact area of the AT2 enables excellent traction and enhanced stability on any terrain. 

Its aggressive, rugged tread design comes with patented 3D interlocking sipes with round the year grip and performance. Guys, another important technology comes in the form of triplex casing tech. This expertise in conjunction with strong high tensile steel belts thrusts the tyre with maximum endurance and better impact resistance. 


Apollo Apterra AT2 SUV Tyre Performance and Handling 

Friends, coming to Apollo Apterra AT2 performance and handling. The tyre deals with abrupt and uneven surfaces effortlessly, thanks to its distinctive tread pattern offering steady control on odd roads. The deep grooves and wide tread ensure maximum bite on the surface and help disperse water and mud effectively under a challenging backdrop. The unique Saw-Tooth expertise used at the shoulders provides enough flexibility without sacrificing the comfort factor. 


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Guys, talking about its on-road performance, the AT2 stay firm and offers an adequate grip on the tarmac. The reinforced sidewall structure gets you comfortably over road ripples. Moreover, aquaplaning is prevented via patented ‘Herringbone Grooves’, which scatter water rapidly maintaining enough grip on the surface.


Apollo Apterra AT2 SUV Tyre Mileage, Speed Rating, Price, Warranty, and Sizes

Guys, coming to other aspects, in terms of fuel mileage, which may not be the decisive factor for the tyre of this category; Apterra AT2 does reasonably well and saves good fuel, courtesy use of the low-rolling advance compound. By now you must be curious to know its price and size offerings. Let me tell you Apterra AT2 comes in three rim sizes of 16-inch, 17-inch and 18-inch under various width and profiles. 

Moreover, the speed rating it receives is of T and H, which signifies that it can be sped up to 190 km/h and 210 km/h respectively.

Now comes the interesting part, i.e. Apollo Apterra AT2 price. The hardcore SUV radial with size from 16-18-inch is priced between Rs 7,319 – 13,400 per tyre and is offered with a segment-best warranty of 5 years.


If you also own an SUV and looking to buy this phenomenal SUV tyre from Apollo Tyres you can click and buy tyres from www.tyremarket.com or call 8088090090.


Apollo Apterra AT2 SUV Tyre Competitors and Vehicle Compatibility 

If we talk about the competition in the AT segment, Apollo Apterra AT2 rivals the likes of MRF Wanderer AT, Hankook DynaPro AT/M (RF10), Yokohama Geolandar AT G015, Michelin LTX Force, and others. 


Offered in 16-18-inch rim variations it can fit some of the popular SUVs like Force Gurkha, Force One, Ford Endeavour, Isuzu MU7, Mahindra Scorpio, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, etc.


If you want to check out which all SUVs fit best we have compiled a list of compatible SUVs compatible with the Apollo Apterra AT2 SUV tyre here.


Guys, if you are already driving on Apterra AT2 don’t forget to provide us with its feedback and performance in the comments section. Will see you again with another tyre review!

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