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Pirelli Scorpion Verde 275/50 R 20 Tubeless 109 W Car Tyre

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Compatible Vehicles :
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

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Excellent Dry & Wet Grip
Smooth Ride
High Mileage

Description for Pirelli Scorpion Verde 275/50 R 20 Tubeless 109 W Car Tyre

Product Description:

Pirelli Scorpion Verde is a high performance tyre, which is most suitable for SUVs and crossovers. Pirelli has used the most innovative materials, advance tread patterns, and flexible structures to provide better fuel efficiency, sound safety, and improved environment-friendly performance. Lower fuel consumption and less carbon dioxide emissions are ensured by Scorpion Verde’s low rolling resistance and reduced weight. The Scorpion Verde tyre is provided with improved grip and better braking in wet as well as dry conditions. Even in the full size SUVs, the tyre maintains exceptional overall stability. Pirelli Scorpion Verde uses three advanced technologies including Run Flat No Pressure Drive, Seal Inside Puncture Control, and Pirelli Noise Cancelling System. All these latest traits make Scorpion Verde perfect for use with high performance SUVs for highway drives, city roads, and track use.

Features & Benefits

  • Pirelli Scorpion Verde tyres provide better acceleration; thanks to the innovative tread compound used.
  • The Pirelli Noise Cancelling System reduces noise inside the vehicle. The tyre comes with sound absorbing device inside the circumferential wall, thereby reducing noise significantly.
  • Seal Inside Puncture Control system ensures that the air pressure is maintained even after an external object has punctured the tyre, avoiding possible accidents. As the new tyre construction technology enables drivers to continue driving even after the puncture.
  • Scorpion Verde tyres have longer life and superior wet traction courtesy high silica infused rubber compound.
  • The Run Flat No Pressure Drive technology provides maximum safety, advanced performance, and added control. This technology includes Pirelli’s self-supporting system inserted into the sidewall’s structure.
  • Better high speed stability at expressways and long routes are ensured by the rigid shoulder of the Scorpion Verde.
  • Comfortable ride and almost noiseless drive can be enjoyed as these Pirelli Scorpion Verde tyres come with optimized pitch sequence and phasing.

Load Index
Maximum Load
Speed Rating
Maximum Speed Limit
270 km/ph
Construction Type
Tyre Weight
22 kg (approx)
Warranty Summary
3 Years standard manufacture warranty
275/50 R 20
Vehicle Models
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
Car Tyre
Excellent Dry & Wet Grip
Smooth Ride
High Mileage

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D VINOD KUMAR on 31/01/2019
Superb & Fastest Delivery Services as per there commitment. Prices are also Negotiable. Over All I rate for 5 Stars.