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JK-Tyre Ranger H/T 225/65 R 17 Tubeless 102 H Car Tyre

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Compatible Vehicles :
Honda CR-V, Maruti Grand Vitara

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Excellent Braking
Highly Stable
Low Noise

Description for JK Ranger H/T 225/65 R 17 Tubeless 102 H Car Tyre

Product Description:

The JK ‘Ranger’ series tyres have been created to provide a real on-road and off-road driving experience to the enthusiasts. The HT is one of those crucial models meant for offering superior handling and control on the highways via efficiently designed tread that features wide central rib. The wide sipes in the tread block enable the finest grip on wet and dry road conditions. The unique rubber compound used in the tread of JK Ranger HT ensures durability, longevity and uniform wear throughout life. Optimised extra fine siping enhance road contact while the little ribs flex individually so the tyre runs cooler. The ribs separate under harsh acceleration and braking, exposing the sharp edges to grip the surface well, shortening the braking distance. The circumferential grooves offer lateral biting edges increasing cornering traction on loose surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • The highly optimized tread pattern of JK Ranger HT offers silent ride quality at high speeds.
  • The solid centre and stiff shoulder rib is claimed to perform 100-0 kmph braking possible within 4 seconds of time.
  • The superior groove pattern has been designed for strong wet grip under hazardous city and highway conditions.
  • The siping has been optimized to give a surefooted performance on dry, wet and snowy tracks.
  • Wider tread provides exceptional control and stability.
  • The Genetic Algorithm used in the tyre optimizes tread pitch that reduces noise levels.
  • With the Traction Saw Rib Design (TSRD) the driver can confidently apply brakes on wet and dry surfaces.
  • The grooves of the tyre also help in preventing hydroplaning while driving through water.
  • The Ranger HT can be ideally used for highway drives as well as city setups.

Load Index
Maximum Load
Speed Rating
Maximum Speed Limit
210 km/ph
Construction Type
Tyre Weight
15kg (approx)
Warranty Summary
2 years Unconditional Warranty + 3 years Manufacturer warranty
Car Tyre
225/65 R 17
Vehicle Models
Honda CR-V, Maruti Grand Vitara
Low Noise
Excellent Braking
Highly Stable

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Customer Reviews for JK Ranger H T 225 65 R 17 Tubeless 102 H Car Tyre

KAMAL on 05/02/2024
very good