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Since establishment in Yokohama (Tokyo) in the year 1917, the Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd has made stride as a tire manufacturer to produce the highest quality tires possible as they are critically important to the vehicles and passengers safety. Yokohama has been engaged in the production of numerous products such as Tires, Industrial Products, and Golf Products.

Furthermore, they are engaged in the business with more than 120 countries and possess an employee strength of around 20,000 people across the globe. The company presently manufactures and sells tires for every category of vehicle ranging from compact cars to sports cars, high-powered sedans, and large construction equipment.

They have also designed tires specifically for many of the globe’s leading car manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Fiat, Audi, Dodge, Honda, Toyota etc. To be sure of the company’s position in manufacturing one of the safest tires in the world, their tires undergo rigorous training through testing on the tracks in Japan, Thailand, and Sweden. Furthermore, the company also has testing facilities in Spain and USA.

Living up to their reputation as one of the best tire manufacturers,  in 2014 the company developed world’s first simulation technology for visualizing the noise created by spinning tires. This technological breakthrough has been achieved using the advanced simulation technologies.

As per their future designs, Yokohama Tire is currently involved in applying the whole of their expertise in aerodynamics that seeks to reduce not just the tire’s air resistance but also the entire vehicle’s air resistance.

The company promises to deliver quality products that customers love from their manufacturing plants all across the globe. It has a satisfied customer base almost all over the world. At YOKOHAMA, they are keenly aware of the changing scenarios which for them means not to lose passion and to continuously improve safety, quality, and performance of their products – no matter where their tires are being produced. In 2017, the company will celebrate its 100th birthday. Moreover, Yokohama has also been one of the most participative tyre brands in sports. It has recently entered into a sponsorship with the Chelsea Football Club that features in English Premier League.


Yokohama’s Products:

Sports Car Tires:

1- ADVAN Sport V10S- Superb performance Street Tire
2- ADVAN NEOVA- Control the heat, Raise the performance
3- S.drive
4- A.drive R1- Excitement On Demand

Luxury Saloon Tires:


Family Car Tires:

1- BluEarth-A- Extreme Grip with Environmental Performance
2- BluEarth AE-01 – Fuel Efficient Tire for Suoemini & Small Family Cars

SUV Tires:

1- GEOLANDAR H/T G056- Long Lasting comfort
2- GEOLANDAR SUV- Dynamic in Comfort and Silence
3- PARADA Spec-X – Modernized Design Meets Responsive Control

Winter Tires:

1- iceGUARD
2- W*drive V905


Awards & Recognition:

Environmental Warrior Award (2015) – Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Virginia LLC (YTMV) got this award from the Virginia Water Environment Association (VWEA).

Tire Manufacturer Award – This is given in by “Tyre Safe” for promoting tire safety in the United Kingdom.

Innovation Award – Yokohama won this one in “Technology and Products” category at Reifen 2014 (Reifen is one of the World’s Largest Tire Fair organized by Messe Essen).