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Nankang Tires – “Driving the Future, Free Your Way”

Nankang Tires was founded in 1959 having headquarters at Taiwan. It manufactures automobile tires and other rubber products and is Taiwan’s oldest and most respected tire manufacturer. Under the guidance of the company motto of “integrity, pragmatism and innovation”, Nankang tires has never ceased to extend its path.

To cope up with the present competitiveness in the tire market they aggressively pursue towards the goals of production, innovation with R&D, always looking for product quality upgrading, customer satisfaction and after sale services.

The company’s tires are categorized into Performance, SUV, Touring, Winter and All-season tires to meet the requirement of every vehicle category. Moreover, the manufacturing of these tires is itself an incredible process as the company employs Jointless and Bead Wire spiral winding technology with Calendering & Curing & Extruding and then lastly processing the Building & Curing & Inspection. Recently, Nankang took an edge over other drift tires to a whole new level with its new NANKANG-NS 2R sports tires giving the sports enthusiasts confidence on and off track.

Moreover, for their product quality they have been awarded by Ford Motor Company’s Q1 certification and later obtained ISO-9001 certification. Nankang continued to improve and excel in manufacturing and launched its new ECO fuel saving line in 2008.

Today, the Nankang tires are exported from Taiwan to over 170 countries worldwide. Tires are supplied to more than 300 distributors throughout Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Middle East and Australia. Nankang Tires is now not only the leader of the tire industry in Taiwan but is driving her way continuously towards the global age of unlimited opportunity.