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Linglong Tires – “The World At Your Reach”

Founded in 1975, Shandong Linglong Tire Co. has now reached the stage of global manufacturing enterprise with large scale facilities and a registered capital of more than 1 billion RMB. With over thousands of dedicated staff, 10 billion plus RMB income, Linglong has become a world famous tire enterprise which has been consistently ranking among top 20 tire enterprises in the world and 5th in China for several years.

It has been able to achieve this feat due to its commitment to deliver quality tires to its customers. The tire ranges from Bias to PCR, Speciality and TBR tires. Moreover, they also have a different set of tires for different products which includes Agriculture tire, Industrial Tire, SUV Tire, Radial Agriculture Tire, and, Heavy Truck Tire etc.

To leave no stone unturned in customer satisfaction level, Linglong has set up a national level technical centre and accreditation laboratory. Also, the company was the first to set up indoor noise laboratory and rolling resistance laboratory in China. The milestone it has achieved in a short period is marvellous. It has developed a low-profile, wet-skid resistance, low noise, and ultra-high performance radial tire which has won the 2nd National prize for progress in S&T.

Talking in the terms of quality, Linglong Tire has built up a strict system of self-inspection and high technology inspection. Being sold to more than 180 countries, Linglong Tire is undoubtedly a dependable global brand. The company has many accreditations to its credit such as America DOT, China 3C, Europe ECE etc. It has also crossed QMS (Quality Management System) assessment of several 10 top automakers and provides OE services for GM, Ford, Fiat etc.

Linglong Tire is dedicated to achieving the status of Word’s Top 10 tire companies. Further, the vision is to become a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness, advanced technologies and management. The tyre-giant projects to increase the production capacity by 90 million units annually in 2020.