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Falken Tyres – “On The Pulse”

Falken tire, a Sumitomo Rubber Industries, is a maker of automotive tires. The company was started in Japan in 1983. It later introduced itself in North America, and now it is based in California, USA. At its inception, Falken was created as a flagship high performance radial brand under OHTSU Tire and Rubber. It followed a conservative market approach, focusing first on the national market and then gradually expanding to other countries capturing new tire markets across the globe.

Now after almost two and half decades later, it has become a well-known brand that focuses on Ultra High Performance products. In the meantime utilising professional motorsports to further develop and improve products for worldwide distribution. After the merger of OHTSU Rubber and Tire (ranking 5th in rubber industry) into Sumitomo Rubber Industries (6th ranked tire maker) in 2003, the former became a tactical tire brand worldwide for the company.

Falken tire takes pride in its creative capabilities designed to assist the consumers by providing key information on its brand and multiple product lines. It has built a reputation as a leader in high performance tire technology for both cars and trucks. Moreover, their high performance tires are manufactured with a passion to deliver the unmistakable pulse of excitement with every drive. Further, their whole focus is on the flexible points of contacts where their promises, skills and beliefs are put to the stern test. Their strong technology base, creative approach to engineering and precision in manufacturing standards ensure that Falken products always run true and live up to their reputation.

Their products include:

Azenis- High performance tire straight from the race track. It was designed to achieve the highest possible level of performance in terms of wet grip and all-around handling.

Ziex- Sporty and comfortable tires.

Sincera- Balanced standard tires to support your everyday car life.

Wildpeak- SUV and 4×4 tires. To enable you to conquer any road you may encounter in your journeys.


Nowadays Falken Tire is developing new technologies such as:

4D Nano Design- which will help in the development of new materials for the high-quality, high-performance Falken Tires.

NEO-T01- next generation manufacturing system to produce Ultra High Precision Tires. This technology is used in the manufacture of their FK453 Runfalt Tires and other high performance tires.


Awards & Recognitions:

● Falken Tires is chosen by Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) as a winner of its 51st annual American Graphic Design Awards.

● Recognised by Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) for their innovative approach and received four Silver Davey Awards and another two Silver W3 awards.


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