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Continental Tires – “The Future in Motion”

Established in 1871 with headquarters at Hanover (Germany). Continental Tire over the past 14 decades has become the leading German automotive manufacturing company specializing in tires, automotive safety, and other parts for automotive industry. In 2001, Continental acquired a controlling interest in Temic, Daimler Chrysler’s automotive-electronics business. It has ranked as the 4th largest tire manufacturer in the world. Also in 2012, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) ranked Continental as 3rd in global OEM automotive parts sales.

One of the Continental’s main thrust areas of expertise and technological leadership is fuel consumption reduction which can be achieved through more efficient fuel injection systems, reduced rolling resistance tires and hybrid propulsion systems.

While developing their premium tires the company considers each and every safety and performance aspect. The result for which was the top ratings for Continental tires. They not only claim to produce the world class tires of highest quality but also deliver them to their customers. Their multi-award winning tires are regularly tested by independent international magazines.

Since 2007, Continental tires have received the highest recommendations in almost all the tests. Adding to their quality performance, the company has been voted as the top tire brand by renowned car magazines such as AutoBild and AutoZeitung. Almost every 3rd car in Europe is delivered with tires from Continental. They have a strong presence in 300 locations in 49 countries worldwide. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: with AIBA (Automated Indoor Braking Analyzer), Continental takes tire testing to the next level.

Through a fully automated process, an unmanned vehicle is cruised up to the speed of 120km/hr and then brakes are applied interchangeably. While tests are conducted in various climatic conditions, the company is able to offer the world’s most accurate braking testing procedure and improve reproducibility by 70%. So, it assured to the passengers that the tires will offer excellent braking performance regardless of the weather in which one is driving his/her vehicle.

Another technology that the group has developed is ContiPressureCheckTM which detects any changes in the tire pressure or temperature. The sensor inside the tire sends the data wirelessly to the central receiver, which processes the data, saves warning and sends it directly to the display in the driver’s cab which then urges him to take necessary actions.

Types of tires offered by Continental:

Car/Van/4×4 tires
● Motorcycle tires
● Bicycle tires
● Trucks and bus tires
● Specialty tires
● ContiSportContactTM 5P – The super sports tire with superior handling for maximum fun.
● ContiSportContactTM 5 – The performance tire, with outstanding handling and control.
● ContiPremiumContactTM 5 – The perfect all-round tire, matching performance with safety.

Awards & Recognition:

Tire Manufacturing Innovation of the Year 2014 – For technological and scientific excellence in the manufacturing of tires. These awards are managed by Tire Technology International magazine, a UK based publication.

Tire Manufacturer of the Year 2014 – Awarded by Tire Technology International Magazine.

Supplier of the Year 2015 – Awarded by GM Motors during their 24th award ceremony.

International bus planner Sustainability Award in 2015 – Awarded by a German magazine.

GreenTec Award 2014 – This is Europe’s largest business & environmental awards. Continental shared it with Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology (IME).

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