India’s Top 5 Road Trip Destinations For Bikers

Indias top 5 biking destinations for bikers

Apart from the elite, most of the common bikers in India purchase their bikes for daily commutation. The roads in the metro cities which are already congested, courtesy the ever-increasing traffic volume, tends to choke the life out for the bikers with their pollution and strict traffic rules. The bikers stuck in monotonous regular nine to six jobs generally tend to look forward to the occasional holidays and leaves so that they can go crazy with their rides finally. If you are planning for a bike trip for a venture outside of your city here’s our pick of five destinations for you to live it up on wheels!


Manali Road Trip

Of course, we can’t start the list without every biker’s dream destination — Manali. If you are starting your trip from Delhi, it will take you around 14-15 hours to reach Manali. The road seeps through fields, jungles, mountains, and valleys. The images of picturesque snow-tipped mountains and the serene valleys are going to stay with you even when you are back to your cubicle in the office.


Goa Road Trip

It is hard to imagine that if you are living in a city like Mumbai for some time and you have not vacationed in Goa. People from all walks of life visit Goa from Mumbai to chill and take a break from the hustle-bustle in their daily lives. Throttle your engine and enjoy the ride along with the coastal breeze. In between, you may pause to try out Konkani cuisines and to check out the exotic locations appearing as your pit stop.


Digha Road Trip

Digha is the perfect weekend gateway for the people dwelling in Kolkata. Even with average speed, you may reach Digha within four hours. There are several popular eateries on the road that’s a must for you to check out. The natural landscape and the beaches would surely charm you. Digha has excellent accommodation facilities suitable for every budget.


Coorg Road Trip

Coorg also known as the Scotland of India, is located about 245 kilometres away from Bangalore, India’s answer to Silicon Valley. It will take roughly seven hours for you to reach Coorg. You may check out the coffee plantations, temples, forts, and falls which fell on the way. Not only you would enjoy the journey, but you would be bowled over by Coorg’s heavenly charm.


Munnar Road Trip

To escape from Chennai’s weather, you may seek refuge in Munnar. Munnar, located in ‘God’s own country’ is 600 kilometres away from Chennai. You will come across many ancient places on your way. Udumalai on the Western Ghats would look like a lush green lawn with pavements. Munnar is a sight to behold with its lush green tea estates and mountain peaks.

Remember, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. In case you feel a bit dull, open up to your boss. Get a leave sanctioned, and start the journey with your friends. All you need is a tank full of gas and some cash! And here you go — Vroom!

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