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Ambassador Car Tyres Price List

Need new tyres for your Ambassador? We will help you find the perfect tyre for your Ambassador. You will be able to find 3 Tyre Patterns from 3 Tyre Brands. The price of tyres avilable for your Ambassador ranges from ₹ 3,223.00 to ₹ 3,903.00. We will deliver your Ambassador tyres to your doorstep or make it avilable at a tyre dealer near you. You will also have the option to include other services like Weel Allignment and Wheel Balancing.

5 tyre(s) were found for Ambassador Car Tyres

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Apollo Amazer XL 165/80 R 15 Requires Tube 86 T Car Tyre
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Excellent Dry & Wet Grip
High Mileage

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Economy Range Tyre(s) for Ambassador

JK Ultima XPC 165/80 R 15 Tubeless Car Tyre
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Highly Stable
Low Noise

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MRF ZVTS 165/80 R 15 Requires Tube 86 S Car Tyre
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Smooth Ride
Low Noise
Product Specs
Bridgestone B- Series B800 165/80 R 15 Requires Tube 87 S Car Tyre
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Smooth Ride
Excellent Braking
Low Noise

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Other Tyres that match for Ambassador

1 Tyre from   4,579   

1 Tyre from   5,000   

2 Tyres from   2,912   

1 Tyre from   4,370   

Frequently Asked Questions about Ambassador tyres

Q. How many brands of tyres are available for Ambassador?

A. We have 3 brands and 3 patterns currently available for Ambassador.

Available Brands are

  • Apollo
  • Bridgestone
  • JK

Available patterns are

  • Apollo Amazer XL
  • Bridgestone B- Series B800
  • JK Ultima XPC

Q. What are the common sizes that are available for Ambassador?

A. The correct tyre size(s) for Ambassador are

  • 165/80 15
Also always keep in mind that the replacement tyres should be the same size, load index and speed rating specification as recommended by the vehicle or tyre manufacturer.

Q. What is the price range of tyres for Ambassador?

A. The tyre prices of the Ambassador starts from ₹ 3,223.00 and goes up to ₹ 3,903.00

Q. Are Tube & Tubeless tyre also available for Ambassador?

A. No, Ambassador can be fitted with Tube type tyres

Q. Are there any tyres for sale for my Ambassador?

A. No, there are no tyre for sale as of now.

Q. When to change tyres of Ambassador?

A. The right time to change your car tyres is unique to every user, the environment, the driving patterns and roads conditions. Once the tread wear indicator is flush with your tread, it's time to replace your tyres.

About Hindustan Motors

Hindustan Motors (HM) is an India based automobile manufacturing brand which came into force in the year 1942. The company has a joint venture with Isuzu, General Motors and Mitsubishi in India and was one of the largest manufacturers in the country before the rise of Maruti Udyog. In 1957, Hindustan Motors introduced Ambassador car based on the 1956 Morris Oxford series III, which became the best selling model in India. Other popular models from Hindustan Motors in the 90s include HM Contessa and HM Deluxe. Currently, Hindustan Motors doesn’t offer any vehicle in the passenger category and the production of Ambassador was also ceased in the year 2014. However, the legendary car can still be seen serving the politicians, bureaucrats and taxi segment in various parts of the country.

Hindustan Motors Cars In India

Hindustan Motors offers only one car in the country and that too now is out of production.

  • Ambassador (discontinued)

Tyre Brands for Hindustan Motor Cars

Tyre brands that produce tyres for the Hindustan Motor cars in India include Bridgestone, MRF, Apollo, JK Tyre among others.

Best Tyre Patterns for Hindustan Motors Cars

Presented below are the exclusive tyre patterns available from distinct tyre brands that can be fitted in your Hindustan Motor car.


The tyre variant choices available for the Ambassador car can be Bridgestone TK01, JK Ultima XPC, MRF ZVTS, Apollo Amazer XL, Bridgestone B800 and others.

The tyres for Hindustan Motor cars can be purchased at, India’s most preferable choice for buying tyres. is a hassle-free way to buy tyres from the comfort of your home. Just choose the desired car model and you will see varied tyre brands list right in front. You can go through all the description like the rim size, speed rating, tread patterns, load capacity and warranty period thoroughly, prior to making your choice. At you can choose the tyres as per to your budget as tyres with varied range are available right from economy to premium.