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Pirelli Cinturato P6 205/65 R 16 Tubeless 95 H Car Tyre

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Compatible Vehicles :
Hyundai Creta, Nissan Teana, Toyota Innova Crysta

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Excellent Dry & Wet Grip
Smooth Ride
High Mileage

Description for Pirelli Cinturato P6 205/65 R 16 Tubeless 95 H Car Tyre

Product Description:

Pirelli P6 Cinturato is a part of the Pirelli’s well known ‘Green Cinturato’ flagship range of tyres. The P6 Cinturato is unique as it is one of the most energy efficient tyres in its category. It is developed to offer a sustainable alternative for the environment in addition to producing lower levels of noise. A comfortable and quiet ride is one of the major USPs of this tyre. Pirelli P6 Cinturato is a premium tyre, perfect for compact and mid-size cars. It has got the ideal balance with respect to exceptional performance and ultimate safety. The P6 Cinturato delivers great mileage and allows fuel savings, making them cost-effective every mile. As it is a greener alternative, it is developed using eco-friendly constituents and other rubber compounds. The high on life tyre, P6 Cinturato focuses on helping the environment by its durable and long lasting nature. As it will last for an extensive period, the production will be lower, ultimately resulting in benefiting the nature because of less consumption of materials.

Features & Benefits

  • Pirelli P6 Cinturato is designed with a new tread compound that does not contain any high fragrant oils which harm the tyre wear.
  • The specific pitch sequence and an innovative tyre structure enhance the noise performance of the Pirelli P6 Cinturato.
  • It is equipped with a solid central rib, which helps it to enhance its stability.
  • The unique contour and original curing style offer reduced rolling resistance which in turn leads to lower fuel consumption and subsequent savings.
  • The all-new tread compound provides protection under dry and wet weather conditions alongside prevents any diffusion of harmful elements in the environment.
  • The innovative pattern design leads to improved braking performance at high speeds and under stop and go city traffic.
  • The original tyre structure of Pirelli P6 Cinturato enriches the driving performance and also assists in generating lower levels of CO2.

Load Index
Maximum Load
Speed Rating
Maximum Speed Limit
210 km/ph
Construction Type
Tyre Weight
13kg (Approx)
Warranty Summary
3 Years standard manufacture warranty
205/65 R 16
Vehicle Models
Hyundai Creta, Nissan Teana, Toyota Innova Crysta
Car Tyre
Excellent Dry & Wet Grip
Smooth Ride
High Mileage

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Customer Reviews for Pirelli Cinturato P6 205 65 R 16 Tubeless 95 H Car Tyre

Arjun on 06/03/2022
Excellent wet and dry grip and good comfort even in bad roads used for hyundai creta.

Jagdish on 25/06/2021
One of the best tyre I used on my Creta, excellence grip on high speed, good quality rubber, better braking performance, try and know it better, highly recommended.