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Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 205/50 R 17 Tubeless 93 H Car Tyre

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Fuel Efficient
Excellent Braking

Description for Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 205/50 R 17 Tubeless 93 H Car Tyre

Product Description:

The Ecopia series was specially constructed with a focus on enhancing fuel efficacy. Another aim behind the dynamic series was to offer improved tread life. One of the more notable features of the Ecopia EP150 is its unique tread compound that offers low rolling resistance. Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 promises to cut the fuel consumption by a good 7 percent. The low resistance further enhances the ability to accelerate quicker than its counterparts. The new nano particle technology has been the main cause behind the low resistance offered by the tyre protecting it from overheating. You can catch a bit more speed on the corners when it comes to wet tracks, whereas hard brakes would certainly be absorbed far more easily compared to a lot of its competitors. Sudden directional changes are also easier to handle.

Features & Benefits

  • The EP150 offers better fuel efficiency; courtesy low rolling resistance.
  • It ensures longer tyre life due to its unique tyre compound.
  • It has been an OE fitment tyre to many cars from leading automobile manufacturers due to its all-round durability and performance oriented nature.
  • Water is effectively evacuated through its straight main grooves that provide better wet grip.
  • The EP150 provides excellent handling and control; thanks to the O-Bead technology.
  • The tread pattern enables better noise reduction.
  • The tubeless tyre is backed by manufacturers standard warranty and is made available in varied rim dimensions.
  • It has ability to manage high speed on wet tracks and even while cornering.
  • It absorbs sudden brakes without incurring any damage.

Load Index
Maximum Load
Speed Rating
Maximum Speed Limit
210 km/ph
Construction Type
Tyre Weight
15 kg (Approx)
Warranty Summary
3 Years standard manufacture warranty
205/50 R 17
Car Tyre
Fuel Efficiency
Fuel Efficient
Excellent Braking

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Customer Reviews for Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 205 50 R 17 Tubeless 93 H Car Tyre

Jesudoss Prabhakaran on 07/03/2023
I am unable to do the negative star marking for this brand. I had worst experience with all my cars which came with this brand whenever I purchase. Reasons may be obvious to all my brothers and sisters in my country. I had to change to other brand tyres immediately after the run of arouns 50000 kms ! Dont take risk of high speeds in long drive with this branded tyres.

MANISH on 06/01/2023
Very pathetic tyres available in the mkt. Got 02 tyres side wall punctured within 2 months. Not suitable for rugged, hilly, undulating terrains.

R Roy on 11/08/2022
Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 205/50 R 17 Tubeless 93 H Car Tyre most worst tyre came with EcoSport. Suggest not to buy the brand specially for Indian market

Vivek N on 15/04/2022
Worst tyre, from my entire driving experience. Not at all reliable for Indian road conditions. Absolute loss of money. I had to replace 3 tyres in just 7 months since I bought Ecosport. I replaced it with Apollo ALNAC 4G 205/50 R17 93H Tubeless Car Tyre, very reliable and No issues in the past 2 years. Now I am replacing the other two Ecopia tyres with the same Appollo ones. Ecopia is a total waste of money. Lost around Rs.50,000 because of Ecopia in the last 3.5 years.

Shrikant on 17/11/2021
My run on bad road so would prefer Turanza or potenza for Ecosport.

Sachin on 30/10/2021
Bought these at 27000kms on my Honda City 2017, now its at 70k, and still got few 1000kms left for normal city use. Had 1 puncture when a nail went through the front tyres, other than that no complaints at all. I do wheel alignment and balancing every 3000-4000kms and rotate the tyres after 10ks. I saw so many negative comments, just wanted to share my experience. Cheers.

Im using Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 205/50 R 17 Tubeless 93 H Tyres on my ECOSPORT for the last two years. after 20000 km, one tyre sidewall punctured. other tyres sidewall cracks were visible clearly. these tyres are not good for Indian roads. Definitely not a value for money product.

Raj on 13/06/2021
In past 2 years I had 4 tyre side wall tears. That too when I was extremely careful in my driving. I never had a single puncture but 4 tyre sidewall rips which is terrible to say the least. Switched to apollo. Fingers crossed

Hemachandu on 03/03/2021
Good one

Shafiq on 30/12/2020
The side wall have cracked deeply , in just 2 months after delivery. Was told lies by sales team.

ullas V on 16/12/2020
worst tyre in market, within one and half year my 4 tyre got damaged. very risky to passengers

Anil Singh on 14/11/2020
Wrost tyre. They are literally cheating and playing with life. I am using same tyres in my eco sport and right from the first month of purchase the tyre keeps brusting. However Ford have been supportive a they have provided me a total of 8 new but same Bridgestone tyres, but they keep brusting. I am now using tube in all my 5 tyres but its very difficult to go outing with family. I will never purchase Bridgestone tyre in all my life and nor recommend to purchase.

O.Abdul Majeed on 16/10/2020
I am using Ford EcoSport withBridgestone tyre type 205/50 R17 H93 since June 2019. Within 8 months two front tyres are broken side brim. This type tyre not suitable for Kerala roads and not worthy.

Imran on 04/10/2020
My ecosport driven 20000km. On a highway at normal speed hit a small potholes rupture the tyre on side wall just above the rim. And Costa a bomb to replace one. Not fit for Indian roads.

Jenison on 03/10/2020
Worst tyre. Side walls damaged immediately. Not at all fit for rugged roads.

Ritesh on 01/10/2020
In 2.5 yrs of my experience with them in my ford ecosport, thrice the side wall of tyres have bursted. Its not a durable tyre at all. Mind you, I am a doctor and always drive with safety as priority. I rarely go above 70kmph and use cruise mode at 70 for highways.

Sachin S Verenkar on 20/09/2020
Tyers are good n behave as per the specifications. Traction mileage all the things handling sound reduction no doubt excellent But1. Not for a vehicle like ecosports 2. Not ment for bad roads 3. OE fitment tyers! total miscalculated failure from RND of both .*Side wall n Rim bid damage on one tyer only at 3k km

Srinivas Chitti on 23/05/2020
WORST tyre I have experienced in my 20 years of driving experience. Very weak sidewall, cracked on the second day of buying the vehicle Ford Ecosport Titanium Plus. Replaced with lot of followup and at 25K KM, it bulged and cracked. Not recommended and trust worthy tyre for highway driving. Didnt expect such from such an international brand like Bridgestone :)

Ankit Sihag on 02/05/2020
Very bad experience with these tyres ... 2 tyres got bulges on side wall and then got ruptured... My ecosport has run only 20000 km till now...that too when this tyre is very costly..

Satendra Singh on 14/02/2020
Weak side walls. Company support is the worst. They would not entertain your request to replace the tyres, heaping all the faults on you (driver). Their surveyor would come and inspect your tyre and will immediately refute your claim for tyre replacement. My tyre was on 10000 kms run, basically new. But still no resolution by Bridgestone. Not a trusted company. Kindly refrain from buying their tyres as after sales experience is horrible!

Vignaswan on 05/11/2019
Worst tyre...2 times ruptured in my Ecosport.