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Top 10 Automotive Related Youtubers in India


From a mere necessity to a leisurely interest, automobiles have become a way of life for many Indians. Automobile enthusiasts often look for the latest trends and upcoming launches in their market. This is where automotive YouTubers come into the picture. Auto YouTubers test drive automobiles and review them. A study by PowerReviews finds out that 97% of consumers of all products depend on reviews for their buying decisions. Same applies for automobiles, be it a car or a bike. Customers are likely to know every detail before making a purchase. The following is a list of top 10 automotive YouTubers in India.


1.  My Country My Ride

Started by Irfan Choudhary, My Country My Ride is the number one YouTube channel in the automotive niche in India with 2.65 million subscribers. Irfan takes his viewers on a virtual ride of cars and bikes, promotes local businesses, and suggests best deals on cars and bikes in the country. From used cars/bikes and luxury ones to present offers, the channel has it all. Irfan also reviews other types of automobiles, such as trucks, and inaugurates and takes viewers on a tour of showrooms.


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2.  PowerDrift

PowerDrift is a one-stop YouTube channel for automotive-related content. Raunak Ajinkya and Abhik Das, Deputy and Assistant Editors of PowerDrift, respectively, produce fun and intriguing videos on cars and bikes. They review cars and motorcycles, upload podcasts with expert racers, visit auto expos, and more. They also cover other important topics like ‘picking the right helmet’ with experts. PowerDrift hosts Rohan Albal and Atul Haldankar captivate the viewers through adventurous and spellbinding travel trips.

PowerDrift has drawn 1.9 million subscribers, and they call their community “PDArmy.” Not only likes and views, but PowerDrift YouTube videos also have a huge engagement on the comments sections of their videos.

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3.  Bike Point By Mintu & Rahul

Bike Point is an auto YouTube channel run by Mintu and Rahul, where they review new bikes, upcoming motorcycles, and bike launches In India. They also give tips on bike maintenance and safety, how to increase bike mileage, and DIY tips. Mintu and Rahul’s videos are simple and easy to understand, as they don’t use jargons and speak in Hindi, which is likely to be understood by most Indians. Bike Point By Mintu and Rahul has 1.26 million subscribers.

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4.  Jhampaa66

Suraj is a popular moto vlogger and runs a successful YouTube channel called Jhampaa66 where he talks about everything automobiles related, from modifications and restoration to testing. He shows how to protect your vehicle, how to clean and install automotive parts, modify and revamp old automobiles and solve mechanical problems, automobile tours, and more. He also gives tips and tricks for automobiles. Jhampaa66’s subscribers say that Suraj’s videos are raw and problem-solving. It is easy to see why the channel has 1.1 million subscribers.

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5.  My Exciting Vlogs

Mohit, a travel and automobile enthusiast reviews, compares and suggests best deals on cars and bikes. Mohit shoots his videos while exploring different places in Delhi and NCR. My Exciting Vlogs takes review suggestions from viewers. The vlog has 1.06 million subscribers.

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6.  Namaste Car

Namaste Car is a new and trending YouTuber who reviews cars of all ranges, from deluxe and luxury to sports. The channel reviews each detail and specification of a car, including history, origins, interiors, and technical aspects, which makes their videos interesting and educational. Namaste Car reviews cover every car comprehensively. Started in 2016, Namaste Car has 889K subscribers, and the community is growing by the day.

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7.  Ask CarGuru

Tech lover and automobile aficionado Amit Khare has a YouTube channel, Ask CarGuru, one of the best auto YouTube channels in India owned by an individual. Amit gives the latest updates in the auto industry, upcoming launches, tips on car maintenance, how to get good deals on a car, and more. He mostly reviews cars but also has a few videos on bikes. He does live podcasts on his channel and answers viewer queries. Ask CarGuru has 908K subscribers and has a playlist for upcoming cars, exciting extra, Q&A CarGuru, new car launch, tips and guide, used cars, car accessories and more.

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8.  Gagan Choudhary

With a diploma in automobile engineering, Gagan Choudhary started an auto YouTube channel that has gone big. Gagan takes his viewers to auto expos, reviews, case studies, tips and guides on cars and bikes, and even shares his travel diaries. Gagan Choudhary has 877K subscribers on his channel.

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9.  Modified Junction

Modified Junction is a YouTube channel run by Aman Remo who gives tips on how to fix, install and remodel cars and bikes, and reviews automobiles. Aman even takes adventurous road trips and gives travel tips. His ‘how to install’ videos are a hit among viewers. Aman teaches how to fix automobile parts, such as digital meters, modified control switches, windshields, led lights, and more. Modified Junction has 623K subscribers.

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10.  Dino’s Vault

Dinesh on his Dino’s Vault YouTube channel reviews bikes and cars. His feature episodes are most admired in his playlist. Apart from automobiles, Dino also reviews gadgets, android apps, video games, food and tries his hands-on food too. Dinesh test drives bikes and gives first-hand reviews on them. He also gives tips and tricks on maintaining a car and bike.

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  • Faisal khan does not have any technical knowledge. Following almost them for 3 years. I think ask car guru is the best as his technical knowledge is very deep and practical.

  • Faisal makes reviews fun. Car reviews are not about technical knowledge. You can read that anywhere. He speaks bout what matters and the feel. Like Jeremy Clarkson. I dont watch anything as such apart from Powerdrift in Indian reviewers but Faisal is good.
    My country my ride is not even a reviewer. Every luxury car is good for him no matter what or whatever car he’s there to sell.

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