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For food lovers, Delhi and Lucknow is a must-visit place. These two places are separated by distance but united by the tasty food. While Delhi has an amazing combination of Punjabi cuisine, Lucknow is a mecca for kebab lovers. To add a cherry on the cake is the road trip between these two cities. When I recently got an opportunity to travel to Lucknow from Delhi, I immediately jumped in and without a delay planned my trip. 

There are a couple of routes to travel to Lucknow, but I decided to take a tour of the Mughal city, Agra, and explore it en route. The trip is around 554 km when we take the newly built Taj or Yamuna Express. After looking at the views of it in the movie Piku, I couldn’t resist my temptation to see it through my own eyes. 


Lucknow – The City of Nawabs 

I always wanted to travel to Lucknow after reading and watching about it while growing up. Besides some of the best Nawab Kothis, the city offers the best Mughlai cuisine as well. This Uttar Pradesh capital has a list of tourist spots and some of the best eateries to rejoice. –



Route Map:

To reach Lucknow there are a few ways but the common route is via Agra. 

Delhi > Mathura > Agra > Kannauj > Lucknow 

Taj/Yamuna Expressway and then Agra Lucknow Expressway 

Distance: 533 km


Essentials Needed 

The journey from the national capital to the Uttar Pradesh capital is around 7 hours 30 minutes. In this day’s long journey, one must be prepared with all the necessary documents and essentials. These are mostly the vehicle documents and enough cash. Most importantly, ensure that the car has Fast Tag, as per the new Motor Vehicle Act. 

I decided to hire a self-driving car from Delhi as it ensured that the car is in good condition and has the necessary documents needed for the travel. If you’re travelling in your car, along with all the essentials make sure your tyre is proper. It’s always important to get the car thoroughly checked before making a long journey, like this. 


Delhi to Agra  Road Trip

Delhi and Agra are not that far, thanks to Yamuna Expressway. It is just 212 km away that gave me the courage to take a halt here and check out the city before moving towards Lucknow. I started early from Delhi, at around 7 AM so that I can be at Agra by around 10 AM, the time by which restaurants will start operating and I can eat amazing breakfast. 

Though there were a couple of restaurants on the highway, I thought of entering the city and get mesmerized by the Taj Mahal. After all, if you’ve not seen Taj Mahal, the token of eternal love when you’re in Agra, it a shame.


Taj Mahal – A Token Of Love

Taj Mahal – A Token Of Love 

I decided to go someplace close to the monument so that I don’t have to spend much time travelling from one place to another in the city. I zeroed on Yes Restaurant, which is located at the Western Gate of Taj Mahal. The food served is decent and economical. Besides, it’s hygienic 

After having a good breakfast, without wasting a moment, I visited the Taj Mahal. There are e-rickshaws to take you to the ticket counter from the main gate and they’re quite reasonable.  The rickshaw pullers will take you to the small indigenous shopping centre within the premisses. They have handicrafts form the region and is set up by the government to promote local art. 

From the ticket counter to the monument, there is quite a good walk. However, you can stop at various places to admire the beauty of the Taj Mahal. I was there when the sun was already moving up in the middle of the sky, but I couldn’t control my imagination how it would look during the wee hours of the day when there is mist in the air and the sun is just rising. That would be the picturesque moment one mustn’t miss. 

After spending some time there and refreshing my soul by the sheer beauty of the surrounding, I decided to move ahead in my journey. 


Raja Sumer Singh’s Fort – Etawah 

Raja Sumer Singh’s Fort – Etawah

After driving on the Yamuna Expressway, it was time for me to drive on Agra-Lucknow Expressway. On the way, I decided to take a detour to another historical monument, Raja Sumer Singh’s Forst at Etawah. It is around 124 km from Agra and towards the south of the city. 

This fort has a rich history. It is also known as Barah Dwaar Kila, the fort with 12 doors. However, people have always failed to locate the 12th door. The original fort got damaged due to the natural wear and tear. The government re-built a fresh fort, which stands atop on the original structure. This is now been maintained by the government. 

The fort is next to the River Yamuna. Built on the hill close to the river, the legends say that the fort was known to have various tunnels or secret passages. Indeed, there is no comparison to its original structure, this fort still depicts the lavish lifestyle people had during that era. 


Kannauj – A City With Historical Importance

Kannauj – A City With Historical Importance

Kannauj, which was once the prominent city of northern India, is around 110 km from Etawah. It is established on the banks of Ganges. The city is rich in archaeological findings and they are all displayed at Government Archaeological Museum in the city. The department found various ancient artefacts, such as coins, pottery, sculptures, and terra cotta. These were, until recently, at the common man’s house and now are displayed at the museum. 

Upon studying them it was found that these belong to the different historical periods, right from the Maurya Empire of 325 BC to the Gupta Empire, which as between 319-600 AD. Besides these, some pre-historic bone were also found in the area. 

The list of must-visit was big, but I decided to pay a visit to the 500-year-old Siddheswar Temple on the banks of Ganges. This temple is known for its construction and faith. During the full-moon night in October (Sharad Purnima) a large number of devotees come to pray. During my visit, the rather quiet bank of Ganges turns into a bustling Mela ground during Sharad Purnima. 

Apart from the historical connection and amazing temples or historical monuments, Kannauj is also known for its perfumes. Before I make a move to Lucknow, I decided to buy some of the perfumes from here to remind me of my lovely trip to this ancient town. 


Kannauj to Lucknow – The Final Destination 

Kannauj was my last halt on my way to Delhi to Lucknow. From Kannauj, Lucknow is around 123 km from the Agra-Lucknow expressway. As I moved towards my final destination to Lucknow, I looked back at the halts I took and their historical significance. Be it Agra were I had a lovely trip to Agra and appreciated the token of love. Or, be it a walk at the Raja Sumer Singh’s Fort that’s full of mysteries. Or be a visit to 500-years-old Siddheshwar Temple on the banks of river Ganges. 

These small detours and halts did make this journey memorable. As far as Lucknow is concerned, it has got a rich history that can’t be explained in just words. As I went to all the historical monuments, like Rumi ka Darwaza, Chota Imambara, The Residency, Dilkusha Kothi, Safed Baradari, and others. 

Rumi Darwaza

Rumi Darwaza

If you’re also planning a road trip from Delhi to Lucknow via Agra, do keep in mind that these three halts, Agra, Etawah and Kannauj, are lovely places. You can either take a couple of days halt to roam around or can just take a small detour to enjoy the beauty of the city. Have a lovely trip! 



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