Travel The Unexplored! The Most Underrated Road Trips In India


When tired of the comings and goings of life, human beings yearn for an adventure that adds life to their existence. Road trips can be serendipitous and break the normalcy of life. Leaving behind worldly worries and riding against the wind can be a ‘spiritual’ experience. India has plenty of top-rated road trip destinations that will fit adventurers of any type. However, popular places became common and with time get overcrowded. If you are looking for places that are less travelled but equally spellbinding, this list will help you. This list is for those who love to ride the wind on wheels through offbeat road trails in India.


Ahmedabad-Tanot – A Heavenly Affair


 Explore the unravelled road trail from Gujarat to Rajasthan for a majestic experience of the sand dunes of the Thar desert. The 657-km road from Ahmedabad to Tanot covers Barmer, Jaisalmer and Ramgarh. Riding in the solace of the beautiful Thar and watching sunlight dance on the golden sand dunes is a heavenly affair.

The silence of the desert coupled with the sound of the wind is music to the ears as one dashes through the abandoned roads toward Tanot. Along the way, you will witness natural and architectural wonders that will leave you awestruck. This trail will entice you if you seek tranquillity and wish to disconnect from the world momentarily.


Tezu-Kibuthu – A Road Trip To Remember


Take a road trip to the easternmost part of India—Kibuthu from Tezu passing along Hayuliang, Hawai and Walong. The starting point of your road trip is Tezu, a highly developed town in Arunachal Pradesh which is also famous as a census town and noted for its natural treasures, rivers and valleys. Harmony and peace reflect on every road in Tezu as the green pastures, gilded waterfalls, and sparkling rivulets accompany you along your road trip.

You will cross paths through mesmerizing hamlets in the Walong district, which embodies grand history and beautiful present. Some of these hamlets are cloaked in mist and clouds driving. On your way, you will cross the wild Lohit river. The dramatic flow of the river paired with the picturesque mountains and gravity-defying hanging bridges will fuel your body and mind.

Kochi-Valparai – Scenic!


A road trip from Kochi to Valparai via Chalakudy, Athirapally Falls, Sholayar and Malakkapara is nature in all its glory and is the most scenic road trips in the country. The panoramas, cascading waterfalls, lush greenery, and sleep-inducing hamlets will entertain you all through your ride. The road trail from Kochi to Valparai stretches about 150 km and has exciting stop points including the famous Athirapally waterfall and the Chalakudy river.

This road trail will lull your mind, calm your senses, and rejuvenate your soul. The tiny towns and hamlets in between never sleep and are always lit with people and activities. You can wander the streets without worrying about it getting dark and losing your way. Also, if you love to socialize, you can stop by and interact with the locals who are warm and friendly.

Jammu-Srinagar – A Ride To Heaven


The mighty Himalayas is a favourite travel destination for adventure-seekers, whether it is a hike or a road trail, a wanderer will lose their feet on this mountain range. While there are plenty of places in this State that are popular, the road from Jammu to Srinagar via Sunderbani, Naushera, Rajouri, Azmat Bad, Bafliaz, Chandigarh, Peer ki Gali, Shopian and Pampore may not ring a bell to people. Venture the beauty of Jammu and Srinagar through this less-known road trial to get beyond the world experience.

The 330-km road stretch is encircled by snow-capped mountains, verdant valleys, dreamlike blue skies, apple orchards, stupendous waterfalls and creek rivulets. Driving on the curvy roadways can be an exhilarating experience; however, the majestic vistas will soothe you and ease your travel.


Mumbai-Terekhol – Sensory Cocktail


If you are looking for an exciting weekend getaway plan, you must take a road trip to the offbeat route from Mumbai to Terekhol via MSH4: Mahasagari Marg; Maharashtra State’s Coastal Highway. You will pass along Alibaug, Harihareshwar, Guhagar, Ratnagiri, Malvan and Tarkarli on the Mumbai–Terekhol road stretch. Each place along this trail has its own beauty that is fulfilling.

On this road stretch, you can drive along the sealine. The smell of the ocean and the cold breeze will clear your mind. Savour sumptuous food along your way, survey the majestic Ghats, and historic forts along the way from Mumbai to Terekhol. You will traverse through unexplored briny water bodies including Harihareshwar, Jaigad, Vijaydurg, Achara, and more. This road trip, Mumbai to Terekhol, is for the thalassophiles out there, as they will get a chance to drive along the water shores and live their fantasy.


Madurai-Dhanushkodi – Mythological Link


A road trip from Madurai to Dhanushkodi via Ramanathapuram and Rameshwaram is not only a spiritual and religious place but also adventurous. Dhanushkodi is home to Palk Strait. According to the Indian scripture, Ramayana, a setu or bridge was built by Sri Hanuman and his vaanar sena on Palk Strait to rescue Sita from Raavan.

The 180-km ride from Madurai to Dhanushkodi, you will drive along the coastline between the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. Visit the holy temples, find serendipity in the sacred waters, survey the historic Pamban bridge, and overcome your fears in this formidable place. To sum it up, this trip, from Madhura to Dhanushkodi, would be great with friends and family for the thrill and spiritual experiences it offers.


This was the list of uncharted roads in India that are seductive, serene, and unique. These road trails are less known but more delightful than the most taken road trips. Go on these road trips for a once-in-a-lifetime experience and live all your dreams about an unparalleled road trip.


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