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Mahindra Marazzo Vs Maruti Ertiga: Which One’s Perfect For Your Family And Why?


For people looking for space, practicality and three-row versatility for their families, MVPs are a perfect virtuous commuting solution. Although no MVP currently available in the Indian market can match the appeal and passion for SUVs and sedans, still they are nonetheless pretty much in demand from buyers. In this article, we will look at two of India’s leading MUVs: Mahindra Marazzo and Maruti Ertiga, and how they stack up against each other. We will look to help you choose the best option for your family.

Dimensions and Looks

The new Ertiga is wide, tall and long which means more space. But even with the bigger size, it was easily dwarf by Marazzo in terms of dimensions which is wider, taller and longer with a bigger wheelbase too which translates into a good amount of interior space.

While Ertiga has a simple, sober and handsome design. With its fussy bumpers and shouty chrome, Marazzo is far more proportionate. Marazzo is also quite larger than Ertiga with 4585 mm length which is approx. 200mm longer than Ertiga, though in wheelbase it’s only 20mm longer.


Ergonomics in Ertiga are far better as one can lift up the beverage cup from cup holder without looking, while in Marazzo, one has to bend forward. Space utilisation is much better in Ertiga compared to Marazzo.

Safety Features

Unfortunately, both the cars fare poorly on safety features and offer a maximum of 2 airbags across the range. However, there’s a plus point with Mahindra Marazzo as it calls emergency services for you in case an airbag goes off.

Engine, Performance and Efficiency

When it comes to engine, performance and fuel efficiency, there are distinguished differences between the two cars. The Mahindra Marazzo offers 120PS, 300Nm torque with a 6-speed gearbox, while the Maruti Ertiga has a 5-speed gearbox with 90PS, 200Nm torque. Talking of mileage, the Marazzo offers a slightly better fuel efficiency than Maruti’s Ertiga.

Comfort and Space for Family

Maruti Ertiga offers 7 seats (2+3+2 combination) while Marazzo comes with an 8 seat configuration (2+3+3)–something perfect for Indian families. Quite surprisingly Ertiga is sufficiently spacious on the inside with a comfortable middle row seat; it also comes with an option to individually slide the 60:40 split seats far back and recline the backrests that give a lot of flexibility.

Talking about space, Mahindra Marazzo clearly wins here. The generous interior and commanding view out from the high set cabin makes this car feel larger than the Maruti Ertiga. In Maruti Ertiga, the third row seating position is fairly enjoyable and one has the option to recline the backrest with theatre like back sitting. On the other hand, in Marazzo, the passengers will have to joggle their feet to find space between the middle seat rails with the knees up seating position.

In boot space too Ertiga is a few notches ahead of Marazzo. For luggage, Ertiga offers enough luggage room to hold two cabin bags. While Marazzo can only hold a few soft bags with all seats up.


Ertiga Marazzo
Length 4395mm 4585mm
Width 1735mm 1866mm
Height 1690mm 1774mm
Wheelbase 2740mm 2760mm
Boot Space 209 litres 190 litres
Ground Clearance 180mm 150mm
Fuel petrol/diesel diesel
Engine Displacement 1462/1248cc 1498cc
Power 105hp/90hp 123hp
Torque 138Nm/200Nm 300Nm
Transmission 5 speed MT, 4 speed AT 6 speed MT, 5 speed MT
Mileage 19.34kmpl, 18.69kmpl 17.3kmpl/25.47kmpl
Price (Ex-showroom Delhi) 7.45 – 11.2 lakh 10.18 – 14.59 lakh


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