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Car Care Tips For Monsoon Season: How To Prepare Your Car For Rains?


Monsoon is not far behind, while some parts of India are already witnessing the pre-monsoon showers. Rains do bring down the temperature, making your ride more pleasant but it can wreak havoc on vehicles. The roads get wet, making it tricking to drive and the heavy downpour can take away the visibility. But a well-prepared car can face all these sudden changes heroically. If you too want your rides to be enjoyable one during the rainy season, listed below are some essential that you must take care of in advance.

Check Your Tyres

The most important thing that will protect you from slippery, rain washed roads are your car’s tyre. They must be in good condition to give you the grip that you need while driving and going around the turns. If the tread depth is not good enough they are likely to skid over slippery surfaces. Also, be certain that you check the tyre’s air pressure as they lose it quickly during the rainy season. If the tyres need to be changed, don’t just replace the front ones but take care of the rear ones too. With the regular check, you will ensure better driving control.

Be Wise With The Car Cover

If you park your car in the garage or under the shed, make sure you wrap it up with a cover. This is an old fashioned way but works well as the cover will not let any outside element to gain access to your car that could further harm the body. If there’s any leakage, the cover will also stop the water from going into the interiors, spoiling the seat and other stuff.

But if you park your car out in the open, avoid using a car cover. The reason being, the cover tends to stick to the car’s body due to moisture but when the sun shines again, drying the car, the cover will stick to the car’s clear coat. It can actually peel off the paint when you will take off the cover. Surely, you wouldn’t like that.

Get the AC Serviced

To make sure that your car is fully prepared to face the downpour, get the car AC serviced. This is because the AC filters work overtime to reduce the moisture. The grime particles also enter the car so you need to be sure that the AC is in its best shape so that it doesn’t get harmed.

Keep The Headlamps Clean

Driving a car in the rain and especially during the night is not easy. You need to have a clear vision of what’s coming to avoid any accidents. If your headlamps are not clean, they will not give you clear visibility. You can clean them by rubbing white toothpaste (only) in a circular motion. Then, take a wet cloth to wipe the paste off and you will see sparkling new headlamp, all set to face the rain, fog and moisture.

Don’t Forget The Interiors

You might not realize it but the interiors of your car get the worst burn during monsoon. Without thinking much, we expose the inside of the car to moisture by wet and muddy shoes and wet clothes. It further makes your car smelly and promotes bacterial growth. Use old newspaper to keep the water and muck off the carpets. They are cheap and instantly absorb the water. It also saves you from the hassle of cleaning the carpets and mats again and again.

Along with these tips, check your windshield washer fluid, carry a spare tyre for emergencies, check the brakes, use a wax polish so that water doesn’t sit on your car and get the car battery checked.  Also, drive slowly than usual and stick to the middle lane.

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